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    Hi everyone,

    Since last week, my most frequently used app started asking for an update. Everytime I ran the update and started the app, it returned me to that app's menu and indicated I needed an update. After trying several times, I decided to try a differnt tactic.

    I deleted the app from the app ribbon. Then went to the LG store, only to find it still listed as one of my premium apps. Clicking on it brought me to the app menu, where it said I could install. Pressing install gave the error: "Temporary error, please try again later."

    The app in question is a Dutch one: NPO Uitzending Gemist, version 3.1.1.
    My TV is running WebOS version 1.4.0-2515 (afro-asley)

    Any tips would be highly apprectiated, not having this app is ruining my happiness
    But seriously, would love to get this fixed.

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    Hi Bever01, did you fix it? I'm also having this problem. Keeps sayin it needs an update.
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    It sounds like, from the description, the app itself is refusing to allow you to do whatever it does, without running an update.. an update that isn't available?
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