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    Hi all. I have a LG Electronics 47LB6300 and I loved it so far. Recently I made a made big firmware update and a very annoying behaviour started. It doesn't matter if I use an app or simply use one of the HDMI inputs... occasionally in the lower section a "bubble" would pop up that represent one of the HDMI inputs.

    I guess it offers my to switch. Now I can wait for 5-10s or I can click it away. This is really annoying. And I couldn't find anything to turn it of in the settings.

    Any idea?

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    I have the same issue and came to this forum for an answer and the first post I see is your. Any clue on how to disable this?
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    I have seen the same thing. At random times, the tile for my Samsung Bluray just pops up by itself. Until i saw this, I thought the remote was getting bumped. I have never seen this behavior before. I didn't even know a tile could just show up without the whole bar below.
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    Some HDMI ports offer some "auto detect" feature. I forgot it's official name. On my Panasonic TV it's only on HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and HDMI 3 don't have it. It might be worth seeing if your LG TV has the "auto detect" port as well and to connect your device to a port without "auto detect" to see if the problem disappears. It's nasty but might at least work around it.
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    Mine is hooked into HDMI3. I also noticed that it is simplink compatible. Since it is the only device i have that is, I disabled simplink in the general menu and I will see if the issue goes away.

    For the others who have seen this, what port is the offending device plugged in to?
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    I think I disabled SIMPLINK and it had no effect (for this).
    And unfortunately, all HDMI slots seems to be affected.

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    I don't know. On my TV, it is only the bluray player on HDMI3. The other ports are used but don't exhibit the issue.
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    Firmware 05.00.55 seems to have solved the problem.
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    It was intermittant, but I haven't seen it in sometime. Disabling simplink eliminated 99% of it, but i did see it once. I enabled simplink after the update and haven't seen it. here's hoping it is fixed.

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