Hello to all,
I own an LG smart TV model 47LA261Y, I purchased it in Israel so the start up menu when I initialize the TV was in Hebrew.
since then I move to the USA, When I tried to install the Amazon App on it I discovered that I do not have the option to download apps.
I tried everything to change my region in service Country Setting I only have Israel, PS and Other under Manual Setting and when I choose auto setting it keep selecting the Other.
I tried to change language and even factory reset (and the menu of the initialize keeps been in Hebrew).
When I go to the Smart Menu I do not have the small icon of the user (the small icon of a person in the upper right corner), only when I go to Smart->Premium->Option->Initialisation of Premium I get the small icon of the user,
when I try to register (after the TV restart it self) and press the icon the TV crash and gets out of the smart menu.
can anyone help me, what do I need to do to install apps???