Hi Guys,
I wonder if anyone has been in the same boat?

The 65ec970v TV was on offer so I snapped it up for 3K on black friday. WebOS2 I thought - so whats not to like?

But, it only does 720@30hz you tube I find out, for some reason that I don't know - the youtube app will not support VP9.

I've had a few sleepless nights tinkering, miracast, mini-display port to hdmi with an old laptop, but I still cant get a stable 4K youtube picture. So I'm looking at the LG youtube app for somehow leveraging PLEX to do a 4K youtube stream? But I have no idea how to do this.

So I was wondering; do you think it's possible to sideload a VP9 codec supported youtube app onto this TV from a 2015 4K LG TV so I can get the 2016p @60Hz ? Has anyone got any tips or tricks; I'm losing sleep and becoming more than slightly obsessed.