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    I just bought this TV yesterday and am very happy with it, but I can not get the screen share function to work for the life of me. I am trying to do it through miracast and when when I go to the project screen I click add wireless device and my laptop picks up the TV. I click add device and my TV goes to a connecting screen but it just hangs there and then comes back with a "unable to connect with screen share. please try again" message. any ideas? I have researched this extesnsively but almost everything I have found is about the computer not being able to discover the device at all which is not my problem
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    yea same here i bought it on black friday but i cant get the screen share function to detect my hp envy x360 2-in-1 laptop. someone help.
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    I thought this was a issue with my laptop but thats not the case, just tested it on samsung smart tv and it connected instantly. very frustrating
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    I am having the same problem, same TV, different laptop. Has there been a solution posted on this?

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