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    At least LG is making more progress on displays with WebOS. After a hardware failure of the recent Urbane 2nd edition there is a lot of chance to come up with the Smartwatch WebOS based in Jan 2016. I hope.

    Full news from LG Korea: using Google Translate

    LG Electronics is preceded by differentiated quality technology out after the initiative in commercial display market.

    ON Signage (Model: VH7B) LG Electronics will apply the thinnest bezel to maximize the immersive world Although the border (bezel) has a thickness of 3.5mm or more existing signage This product is only half at 1.8mm. New signage was applied to the design of more unity to a uniform thickness of 0.9mm both sides.
    LG Electronics implemented intensive quality technology in the new signage for the best picture.

    For signage and paste multiple screens that are used as a screen in accordance with the joint portion between the video display and this can cause separation or disconnected. LG Electronics has raised like a sense of security so that you can see the screen or break apart to minimize the number of the screen as if one used a proprietary picture quality algorithm.

    LG Electronics has implemented a natural quality that unity more than the maximum increase of 20% compared to existing products, the uniformity of screen brightness. The signage uniformity of brightness is attached after the number of the screen as an indicator of how uniform brightness of the entire screen for showing a configuration in a screen of particular importance.

    LG Electronics has a viewing angle minimizes color distortion due to the IPS display with a sharp image quality. It is important to vivid screen without changing the color from any angle with a view because many larger screen.

    LG Electronics has increased durability and ease of use, consider the characteristics of a commercial display.
    Coating a circuit board of a protective material signage to dust, moisture, was to minimize the influence from the environment. Also equipped with a fast, intuitive WebOS allows easy addition to implement a wide variety of content. WebOS is a standard web technologies HTML5, CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet) support, etc. can be easily develop apps and content.

    LG Electronics, South Korea Heojaecheol managing director in charge of HE marketing FD emphasized that, "added durability and ease of the world's leading image quality technology will continue to lead the commercial display market."

    LG전자, 세계 최소 1.8mm 베젤 사이니지 출시 | Social LG전자
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    I really wanted to buy the WebOS smart watch
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmarquis9 View Post
    I really wanted to buy the WebOS smart watch
    the first edition stills on Amazon but at a very high price

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