Hi! Im a new member and Im very happy to be here. I have an LG Smart TV 55 LF 630v and Im loving it. Just have 3 problems Id like to state, hope somebody can help me:

1. I listen to radio shows online and every time I open a new tab, I lose the sound from the live stream. It happens when Im trying to switch the tabs, so I cannot listen to the radio and do other things on the other tab. I really dont know why this happens.

2. Im using Skype through Beta web and every time I log in, I can see all of the contacts, but the calls and video calls bottons are deactivated. I only have the option of chatting, but I cant call or make video calls. I tried downloading Skype but it wont let me do so. This is more of a need for my mom, since she has sight problems and its very important that this can somewhat be solved (hoping that its possible ).

3. This is a similar problem to the previous one: when I log on to Facebook, I get it without problems, but I cant see the cant see the chat bar, which means I dont know whos connected or not. Why does this happen?

Id really appreciate your help. Thank you very much in advance.