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    Hello, i have now a LG 42LF6400 and have some question.

    Are possible to install apps downloaded from internet or just from the store?
    Which is the best country store? Id like to download Facebook app.
    Is it possible to install apps on a pendrive? My TV just have 800mb free, Batman game use 1gb+... Haha
    Emulator like NES/SNES/SMS, are they possible to WebOS TV? Or we need some kind of unlock, root acess?

    Sorry for the bad english... ;/

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    It is possible to put apps onto USB. That is one way that people have been running their own apps. Sadly I don't have information on exactly how though.

    Someone could theoretically build emulators, the process is still very much like it would've been for HP webos.. But I have no idea if you would actually be able to run it from USB. :|

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