Hi all,
I have an LG smart TV 32LB570B and i used ChanSort to sort my channels, after completion and transferring the list back to my TV i noticed that Guide/EPG function does not work anymore, i can't make any reservations, it doesn't display info/summary about the programs, nothing, i select a random program from the list, i press OK and doesn't even switch to it, INFO button doesn't work either.
I also noticed that after 3 consecutive Mute presses a little menu appears with 3 options in it: Picture/Sound Reset; Auto Tunning; Set-top Box On, this didn't happened before i used ChanSort.

Is it possible that ChanSort messed with the files from TV? I tried an factory reset but it doesn't let me, the option is grayed out and i can't access it .
Any solutions?

Thank you and excuse my english.