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    Hi All,

    I am new here and come to share my experience with my LG WebOS TV (42LB652V). First issue is I cant use Time Machine. I have connected 320GB USB HDD and it is just not records and scheduled or manually scheduled channels. On Device connector I see HDD and I see LG_PVR folder crated in HDD. TV can write to HDD but can`t record channels. BTW I have only satellite channels.
    I will appreciate if someone can help me with this issue.

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    What country are you from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilotovef View Post
    What country are you from?
    I am from Azerbaijan, but I use location and boardcasting setting for German.
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    What about Live recording? If you set it in the Time Machine settings does the TV allows you to pause, unpause, FF and RW a Live Sat TV?

    What is the partition format of your HDD? I'd try a different one.
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    Hi, nothing about recording no forward, backward, pouse works. HDD is 320GB formated with NTFS in Windows environment. Actually TV can create files in HDD as I see them but they are not video files with 10-50kb.
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    I can't help you on that then, but just reassure of a single one thing: even on working TVs there aren't really video files: all is ecoded in a proprietary format and I have lots of small files here and there in the folder.
    That does not solve your issue. Just a side note.

    PS: how about to hard reset to factory settings again?
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    I would like to schedule recording by going to TV Guide > Select some video timing > clicking OK button > And only Reminder function comes out not recording Shedule button is showing there.
    Then I have created manual recording from time machine, by selecting time frame, channel, my HDD from list and saved. Now I see it in recording scheduled list but even passing that time frame no recording occurs.
    I have formatted HDD with several options No Luck Is this could be the case with HDD Reader? My HDD Enclosure is Orico ORICO 2 5"SATA External HDD Enclosure USB3 0 Color Black 2588US3 Freeshipping | eBay

    I think LG is just waste of money.

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