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    <link removed because site contains file download that could be dangerous>

    English translation (google):

    A few days ago, LG's server is available in the new webOS last year's models. No 2.0 in the number, but it is clear that this has been promised, including innovations in version of the 2014 models. The webOS 1.4.0 webOS version from (2501) and leaping arches instead of African-African ashley about 1.3. I asked, still not found error. Faster, new func (. Channel switching time displays the current program, my Programmes, menu changes, etc.) who want to try in the LG Direct link:
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    Do you have any more information on this update, have you tried it yourself on a 2014 TV ?

    Would be awesome if lg do release a quicker version of webos 1.0, it really has been a real backwards step from even the previous gen smart TV models.
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    Link to Russian downloads? What could go wrong!

    No updates in the states, yet. I'll be interested in how the updates work. The lack of memory and processing power will be hard to overcome!

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    Looking at the link at the first post it's from LG's TV CDN Network S/W Update Server.

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    Today realesed next 2.0 beta (05.10.02).

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