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    As above. I have 65UB980T (65UB9800).

    Is such simple needs even possible in this dumb tv? Camera settings allow choosing of storage location but only internal memory is available for selection despite having usb drive and external hdd formated in NTFS and FAT32. If I were to use LG photo editor to edit the photos, it does give me an option to save into these external devices but the photo appeared resized and thus of low quality. Tried web browser to attach as email attachment or upload to Google + Photos and LG Cloud fail ie uploading not supported, doesn't even give any option to browse to photos.

    What give?

    So much for smart tv....
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    You can take pitures with the tv?
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    Yes I can. It comes with a built-in 8 mega pixels camera. My couch is 3m from the TV and the camera can capture everyone sitting on the couch and standing behind. We can see ourselves posing on a large screen while taking the photos so it's perfect for taking birthday photos and group photos for example. But it is useless if it can only be accessed and seen on the TV.

    I'm having a housewarming and son's birthday tomorrow and was so looking forward to taking photos this way with my guests until I found the limitations on my first post.

    Anyone has any success or knows of any workaround to copy/transfer to external devices or the cloud?
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    I believe gestures can be recognised by a camera above the screen (can't remember if it's built in, an add-on or a bit of both). I think the example was putting a finger to the lips to mute the TV.

    Anyhow, it's basically a webcam.
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    My model comes built-in. Some require add-on. Gesture functions are limited to simple controls. More misses than hits. Same with voice controls. Quicker to reach for the remote. Yes I can use it as a webcam to skype. But I believe it's meant to do more. Else there wouldn't be built-in camera app and option within it to choose storage location other than internal memory (just not detecting whatever I threw at it). I understand uploading recorded tv due to copyright is not allowed but photos taken of ourselves? Something is crippled here either by design or lack of effort from LG. Apps choices are also so limited. This will be my first and last LG tv.

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