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    I recently got an LG UB 9300 65 inch 4k TV, I believe it has webOS 1.1 ? When I use the youtube app to run 4k videos (which I confirmed as being 4k on my pc), they TV defaults to 1080 and sometimes even 720. There is no option to force the video to play in 4k mode and LG offered me no solution.

    This to be is a horrible oversight by the app designers. Is there anyway I can force 4k playback? Short of building a media pc, how else can I stream 4k content?

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    not to be negative. .. but I highly doubt the processor inside the tv is able to decode Youtube 4K videos.. hell many PCs can't..
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    Just to speculate: Assuming the OP has a 4K TV, it must by definition, be able to display (and decode) 4K content.

    I'm not aware of any current broadcast source of 4K content, so currently the options are a streaming service such as netflix or directly plugging in a USB drive.

    I suppose it's possible that the Youtube app is 'old' and not 4K capable, but as Youtube is almost certainly the most popular video streaming site and the TV is 4K capable, it's stupid not to remove the bottle neck with an upgrade.

    The only other issue I can think off is if the users bandwidth is insufficient. Perhaps the app defaults to HD in this case. Is the TV able to display any other 4K streamed content?
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