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    im a new LG 4k 60UF7700 owner and was really looking forward to the sling TV application talked about in January..... But it's still not out? Anyone know any further information on that development? I love that service, but was hoping to have it built into my tv now, and move my roku.


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    Hi Scott, and welcome to the webOS Nation forums!

    I'm with you on this - I've been waiting for Sling to be available directly on my webOS TV also, but unfortunately there's nothing yet. Sadly, creating webOS apps isn't like the old days where any one could just throw one out there and put it on a site for people to download. We'll have to wait for an 'official' app to be offered - and hopefully it will come and come soon.
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    After a quick search, I did find good news...

    According to LG, both webOS 1.0 and 2.0 will stream Sling TV content to users starting this year:

    "In 2015, LG will join forces with the live, over-the-top television service Sling TV. LG Smart TVs with webOS 1.0 and 2.0 will stream Sling TV’s live sports, lifestyle, family, news and information channels, Video-On-Demand entertainment and the best of Internet video through an Internet connection."
    And from another source:
    Supported Sling TV devices

    Customers can now watch live TV on the devices they already use to watch video – TVs, tablets, computers and smartphones. The Sling TV app is available on current-generation Roku players, Roku TV models, iOS, Android, Mac and PC, with support for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick in the coming days.

    In the coming months, Sling TV is expected to launch on Google’s Nexus Player, webOS Smart TVs from LG Electronics, select Samsung Smart TVs and Xbox One, with other streaming devices and smart TVs to follow.
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    I totally blanked out on this thread:

    Still waiting for a release though... please use the thread above to continue the discussion.
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    Feb 9th update from SlingTV...

    In the coming months, Sling TV is expected to launch on Google’s Nexus Player, webOS Smart TVs from LG Electronics, select Samsung Smart TVs and Xbox One, with other streaming devices and smart TVs to follow.
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    Oh, well, in the coming months.. It's the webOS slogan living on!
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    LuneOS runs on the the newer Raspberry PIs...

    ...Raspberry Pi has HDMI out...

    ...Enyo Moonstone...

    ...of course lots of services will be proprietary, but some kind of LuneOS TV might be possible.
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    This is what Sling answered on Facebook today

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    In other words, not a reply. :/ Please check our crappy blog daily for maybe a bit of news you want. ****
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    Has anyone heard any updates on Sling coming to our LG TVs? This might be the last LG I ever purchase. I'm so fed up with this BS of being told that an app is coming and a year later, still no applications that I want.

    Where is Sling?
    Where is PlayOn?
    Where is HBO Now?

    I have 3 LG smart TVs and they all seem to have a different web interface, not to mention the app selection is horrible. There are more useless games on here than there are actual apps of any value to an end user. Ugh, so frustrating...
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    I've heard nothing. Seems that the TV manufacturers (not just LG) in general are in such a battle with each other over resolution, dumb features, looks, etc.. that they all stopped pursuing apps. Hopefully someone wakes up on this - LG is notorious for looking at form over function because Samsung is their biggest competitor in all areas (not just TV's and phones).
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    Sling TV is finally here for LG US WebOS Smart TVs First is now available for LG US Smart TVs with WebOS 3.0 2016 models and in a few months for LG US Smart TVs with WebOS 3.5 2017 models.

    More information on the Press Release below:

    Sling TV arrives on your big screen with LG Smart TVs .

    Ben Weinberger / April 18, 2017

    If you’re looking for an affordable way to watch live TV at home, Sling TV is expanding its service to LG Smart TVs – so you can still cut the cord without losing the home-viewing experience. Now available on most 2016 webOS 3.0 models and available in the coming months on 2017 webOS 3.5 models, Sling TV is the first live over-the-top (OTT) service available on LG Smart TVs, giving viewers more control over how they watch Sling TV.

    LG smart TVs join more than fifteen platforms already supported by Sling TV and feature the following highlights:

    Stream right to your TV, hassle-free – Now you can watch live and on-demand content from Sling TV on your Internet-connected LG Smart TV, without the hassle of streaming boxes or switching inputs. To add Sling TV to your LG Smart TV, look for the Sling TV app in the LG launcher bar, or press “Home,” select “Go to LG Content Store” and search “Sling.”

    Sign up fast – It doesn’t get any easier than turning on your TV and seeing the Sling TV app on your screen. All Internet-connected compatible models of 2016 LG Smart TVs now include Sling TV in the launcher bar for easy access, so signing up is quick and simple. Plus, new customers can sign up right within the app!

    Customize your at-home viewing experience – With Sling TV, you can create your own TV experience, just the way you want it. Customize your entertainment on your LG Smart TV by exploring our Extras and get access to the things you care about – whether that’s sporting events, breaking news or popular movies and TV series.

    For more information about Sling TV on LG Smart TVs, including compatible models, you can visit To keep up with the latest announcements, bookmark this blog, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@Sling)!

    Ben Weinberger
    Chief Product Officer, Sling TV

    Notice There were a lot of petitions here:
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    What models of LG TV can I use for Sling TV?

    The best way to enjoy Sling TV is on your big screen. Most LG webOS 3.0 now support Sling TV, with support for 2017 webOS 3.5 rolling out in the coming months.

    Sling TV is currently available on the following models; OLED G6, OLED E6, OLED C6, OLED B6, UH9500, UH8500, UH7700, UH7500, 75UH6550, UH6550, UH6500, 70UH6350, UH6300, UH6150, UH6100, UH6090, and UH5500.

    Don’t remember what model LG TV you have?
    Press the Settings button on your LG Remote. This button looks like a little gear.
    Scroll down and select All Settings.
    Scroll down to General and navigate right.
    Scroll down and select About This TV.

    You can also look at the model information on the back of the TV.

    Help Center
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    This is why LG needs to offer software upgrades for older models. I've got 2 LG webOS televisions, but both are running version 2.xx. They tout their TV's as having all of these apps coming that will make their TV's so awesome, but when the apps come they are only available on newer models with a newer OS. I as so @$%# irked with LG baiting us along and then only delivering on the app promises for newer TV's. Screw them, I'll use my Roku.
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    I believe it may be time to bring a class action suit against LG for dishonest advertising. At CES 2015 an agreement between slingtv and LG was announced and LG made a statement indicating that Slingtv would be available for all WebOS platforms, including 1.0 and 2.0, which at the time was the newest platform available. Currently that is not the case, WebOS 3.0 or higher is required to have SlingTv built into our beloved launch bar. After multiple calls to LG customer service I’ve been told there is no timeline from engineering as to when an update will be released for older WebOS models to include SlingTv, then it was recommended i purchase a Roku to access SlingTv, which of course defeats the purpose of owning a smart TV. If anybody has any further information I’d like to hear from you. On the surface it appears LG isn’t going through on their word to consumers that SlingTv will be offered on all WebOS platforms. I found this information myself taking 20 minutes and using google, i can only imagine what an attorney could find through the discovery process. Here is multiple sources quoting LG from that convention in 2015.
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