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    Hello All!

    Newbie here, I have an 32LB582 bought in the UAE. I initially access the INSTART menu and from there changed the Country Group Code from 20 (ME and Africa) to 04 (europe).

    Now, I cannot longer make any changes to the country group via INSTART or EZADJ.

    I have done factory reset in from the TV Menu, also INSTOP, I downgraded the firmware, I also changed the firmware to the European version, no matter what I tried I cannot longer change the country group.

    Also, in the INSTART menu is Showing 7. DEVICE CN: NG while line 4/5/6 are showing 'OK' any ideas what is Device CN and if that is what is causing me not being able to change the country group any more?

    Thanks in advance!!


    now running on SW
    MICOM 4.00.0
    Boot 3.00.13
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    Looks like you just need LG Support. They know how to reset the device.

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