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    I've just discovered (or think so) that EU imported WebOS TVs, despite having the same firmware and webos version, can be set to not show MHP codes. Italy officially imported TVs instead, do have this option (in the Channel sub-menu).

    I'd have no interest in those nasty pop-ups during LiveTV, BUT.. it seems that a couple of interesting apps DO require the MHP nonetheless*.

    One of them is "RAI Replay". It offers 7 day back of rewatch of the National Italian TV broadcasts.

    My Italy imported 32LB650V has the MHP setting (despite I set it to OFF as default). Nonetheless, when launching the RAI Replay App (installed from the store) it loads and works as expected.

    My other 39LB650V EU import does not: it keeps showing the rolling circles on black screen at launch.

    LOCATION is set to Italy and Service Country is Italy as well.

    I wonder if this is something related to the Country setting inside the fw, as like as Netflix offers. If it were so, I'd have some troble finding infrared devices to look at it.

    Just for confirmation: do you have any "MHP automatic loading option" in the settings out there in the World? Maybe my TV is simply bugged and needs a factory reset?

    PS: pressing the APPS button on the remote while watching channels with MHP content it says: "No MHP content on this channel", while the other TV shows them correctly.

    * PPS: if you wonder why I think MHP is the culprit is because in the other Italian TV, in LiveTV, I can launch the same "RAI Replay" directly from the MHP pop-ups, even with no RAI Replay app installed from the Store.
    I think the app is simply a wrapper that loads the Live TV channel with the MHP code in. That's it.

    That happens with the Mediaset app as well.

    I hate this minor and underused standard "MHP" being introduced in Italy years ago..
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    I may have written too much words, so people aren't going to answer anything..

    For the moment what I really would like to know by anyone, being US, EMEA or whatever is:

    Do you have any "MHP automatic load" option in the settings?

    In one TV I own, I can reach it from Settings, then first icon (Fast settings) and then Channel sub-menu.

    The other LB650V TV lacks this MHP setting instead...
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    I discovered in another italian forum that the Area code in the EZ Adjust menu for Italian country with MHP enabled is 3124. I'll investigate whether to purchase a simple universal remote controller to let me enter this service menu and enable this function.

    We can close here.

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