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    The first prize is around $16.128.25 = 100.000 China Yuan,, second prize $8064.13= 50.000 China Yuan and $ 4.838.48 =30.000 China Yuan for the third prize.

    The interesting thing is that the writer of this article refers to LG WebOS smartphone operating system???

    Full News from chinese language to english as came out using Google Translate:

    LG Electronics LG webOS launch China's first smart TV APP development contest.

    May 25, LG Electronics officially launched the inaugural LG webOS Smart TV APP development of competition in the Chinese market, for the country of 10 million prize reward webOS TV APP development experts. As a smart TV operating system gorgeous rebirth LG webOS, get rid of the other operating system complicated, with "the TV back to the simple" by the industry and market recognition. The contest will be held, will no doubt add more localization of webOS operating system and LG TV, high-quality applications to help them gain a more far-reaching in the Chinese market development.

    One hundred thousand cash prize Looking webOS application development experts
    Prior has been successfully held in Russia over three of LG webOS Smart TV APP development contest, the first landing the domestic, it is the phase of the national intelligence program developed by the fiery atmosphere, and the market focus on the smart home. The competition is not only an attractive amount of prize money, prize cash reward of up to 100,000 yuan, and selected works will go directly to LG smart TV app store. The main competition for professional and personal development of amateur development companies, events across six months, divided into application and business case submission, application development, LG TV test evaluation and award three stages. Currently, registration for the channel has been opened, applicants can visit LG webOS ™ƒ”†APP€‘大› more detailed event information.

    LG webOS smartphone operating system enables TV to return to simple.

    The more intelligent the more complex? LG webOS smartphone operating systems come out given the opposite answer. And layers of other smart TV operating on different piles and complicated, LG webOS with "simple switch, simple find, simple connection," three characteristics, realized the TV back to simple. 2015 new upgrade of LG webOS 2.0 smartphone operating system, is subject to domestic users praise.

    Now you want to switch from watching television to a large network, you absolutely do not need to exit the current program, a key to call up the Quick Launch bar, you can switch the heart, which is also known as the "simple switch"; and "simple discovery" is help you find the most hit, most rated content, you can put the usual collection of favorite channels to "My Channels", the ready access. On the external device connection and system settings, LG webOS also reflects previously not convenient, not only cute animated image "STRING" to help you easily achieve WIFI Internet access, cable TV supplier selection, system settings,

    complete Internet TV with the network. But also through "Connection Assistant" Quick access to external entertainment devices.
    Competition selection criteria and taking into account the characteristics of the LG webOS intelligence operations, the judges will be based on practicality, originality, novelty, easy to operate and aesthetics to consider the work, if you can, and dynamic TV remote control should be combined, but also get extra points. All this is to allow TV users can harvest more powerful, more convenient, more feature-rich smart TV.

    Insiders said, LG webOS smart TV APP development contest is a meaningful attempt localization, intelligent and convenient in itself, based on the form of game add more interesting, localization of applications will undoubtedly produce icing on the cake effect. This reflects LG tireless efforts in improving intelligence webOS ecosystem. At the same time, also showed China continued to force the smart TV market determination LG.

    Original article from: LGй׽LG webOSܵAPP - -

    Registration: LG webOS ™ƒ”†APP€‘大›
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    I wish...

    ...I wish there was an app that could be written, which was so impressive it would surely win...

    ... that somehow made the TVs work in harmony with existing webOS mobile devices. Something that demonstrated to everyone how much better webOS is than android/apple. Something they HAVE to recognize and forces them to build us a new webOS phone.

    I don't know what it could be. But that is my wish. Is there anything at all that would have such an impact?

    Good luck, devs! Get that Chinese money!
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Sadly so far i haven't even seen any app or service (like dlna service and video player) from TV ported to webOS mobile devices. Not even dlna controller apps (to use webOS/luneOS devices as remote control) are ported afaikafaikafaik.
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    ( Lots of webos mobile device owners
    Lots of webos television set owners)

    Those are impressive numbers

    Now replace OR with AND, ouch, I think there are very few people who own both.

    (probably you can find them here in the forums....)

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    Spoke with some of the chinese community (sort of... dropped the link in a room, and got an answer), and this contest is a no go.

    A requirement, apparently, is OWNING an Lg webos tv (this is literally what was written back to me)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    Spoke with some of the chinese community (sort of... dropped the link in a room, and got an answer), and this contest is a no go.

    A requirement, apparently, is OWNING an Lg webos tv (this is literally what was written back to me)
    LOL... that's just sad.

    I wish SlingTV would come out with a webOS app so I wouldn't have to use my Roku for watching TV through that app.
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    Update: LG webOS Smart TV APP development contest held in Beijing training salon

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