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    Ok, its about time for a new TV and just because of WebOS I am leaning heavenly toward LG. Been on the net for two days reading and looking. Actually drove to Best buy today and got a live view of the TV. On Best Buy's site read some bad customer reviews (which scares be a bit). I realize this is a fan site but anyone that has actually bought one have any regrets?
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    I bought an LB7200 55" and the picture is great. it's the first version of webos on it. It has been a good TV. The software is good, but in reality, once the novelty has worn off, I hardly use it. I browse the web for something in a pinch or use the weather app. 3D was a waste of money, but I knew that going in.

    My only complaint is the scrolling scores at the bottom on ESPN will not scroll smoothly sometimes. They can stagger a bit and this is supposed to be 240 hz or whatever they call it. But the software is good and the picture is clear and never fuzzy.( other than the scroll)

    I also bought a 65" Plasma from LG. It's a dumb TV, but the picture is fabulous and it was cheaper than the above TV.
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    Thanks petbull. My wife does watch Netflix and switching back and forth on our current TV is (for some reason) beyond her ability. (I currently watch Netflix through my PS3). Since I need a new TV (our current one is acting up) I'm leaning toward the smart TV because of the Netflix thing and WebOS. I really want to do my little part to support the platform even thought I moved over to Windows when it comes to the phone.

    I'm just getting more cautious, in my old age, when it comes to spending money and just wanted other's opinions before making that final move.
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    The Netflix app works well. My kids use it. We have a samsung TV and they never used the apps because it was so many menus deep. The LG is good because they are all right there when you need them.
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    The scrolling scores you mentioned are the ones broadcast by ESPN, not from an app right? That's odd.
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    I bought mine right out of the gate when they were first released last year. After a couple of updates, I really enjoy using the TV. At first, I still only used my Roku player for Netflix and Hulu because it was a better picture and faster response, but I've been using my TV for these services for the past 3 months (instead of Roku) because it's been working so well. I just moved to a new state a last week and have been using the TV on wifi instead of a network line for the first time - it's been great with no sluggishness or issues. I have to say that the past updates to the OS have made everything work great. Still some minor tweaking for LG to do with the universal remote functions for running outside set-top boxes. But the ease of quickly switching between apps (like TV and Netflix) is fantastic.

    Looking at my experience as a TV user and not just a webOS fan, overall I've been exceptionally happy with the purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    The scrolling scores you mentioned are the ones broadcast by ESPN, not from an app right? That's odd.
    correct, just watching ESPN. If htere is a lot of activity on the screen, the scroll stutters and jumps. If it is a white screen or little activity, it is smooth. It probably does it with the picture too, but I don't notice it there.
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    Curious - do you have their "motion" setting enabled? I am wondering if the software is having trouble trying to smooth the motion of the ticker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Curious - do you have their "motion" setting enabled? I am wondering if the software is having trouble trying to smooth the motion of the ticker.

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    motion is off.
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    Bought a 55" 4K LG with webOS 2.0 about two weeks ago - and it's completely changed the way I watch TV. Fantastic is not an over statement.

    Before the purchase I was using a TIVO premier, an older Sony smart tv, and lastly apple TV - none of these are remotely close to the webOS experience. (BTW - I upgraded TIVO at the same time to the Roamio; it is also fantastic and works great with the LG).

    My goal is streaming content and cutting cable. If you're simply going to watch cable feed then you have no need for anything smart, except beware that change is coming quickly to the way everyone watches tv. Apps will soon become essential.

    We watch a ton of netflix, youtube, amazon prime and MLBtv (also weather, GoPro and some others). There are plenty of other apps in the store that others may use. Suddenly, about the only thing we watch over cable is live sports (but I hear apps are not far down the road).

    The ability to treat each app like a channel is as obvious as "cards" was for mobile; just switch from one to the other and back again. Each app is still open and waiting for you where you left it. I tend to watch a lot on youtube and MLBtv, my wife watches netflex - no problem, just switch back and forth and the apps are waiting for you where you left off. It makes streaming as intuitive as basic cable. webOS is a natural for this. I can't speak about 1.0, but 2.0 is super fast on all apps, much faster than anything I've ever used previously.

    Other things - once you use the magic remote you'll be hooked. so easy, and the voice recognition is great for searches.

    The web browser works great and we use it a lot. Example - we're renovating our home and the ability to use pininterest on the tv is super helpful. We search the web, pin stuff and can review our "board" on the 55" screen. I surf the web a lot now, especially with the voice recognition of the magic remote. ESPN3 is another example. I see stuff that I want to check while watching the tv and I just "change the channel" to the browser rather than mess with my tablet or other device, then I switch back to what ever "channel" I was at.

    The TIVO Roamio is a perfect compliment - it searches over the entire stream for whatever content I'm searching for. Just type in whatever you're interested in and the TIVO searches cable and the web, and then populates a page showing all the places you can find your content, recording the content if so instructed. Plus the TIVO can be paired with "mini's" to network your entire house for its content. And it also works as a Sling Box so that you can watch on any mobile device anything that is currently showing live or is recorded on your TIVO.

    Finally, 4K - just do it. Unreal. I spend a lot of time just watching 4K video on YouTube; breathtaking. Broadcast will soon be delivered in 4K. It's smokes 1080.
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