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    German media reports that a webOS tv update dated 1th april bricks TV so that a technician has to fix the problem on-Site:

    Automatisches webOS-Update legt LG-Fernseher lahm - heise online

    Forum entries seem to indicate models 42LB671V, 42LB652V, 42LB630V und 42LB730 and some 55LB devices are the affected ones.

    [Update]: more on this here:

    So the LG service came and took the TV. They said it will take about a week to repair it. Just wanted to let you guys know.
    An service tehnician from LG came to my house today and changed the main board. Now the TV works.
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    Hmmm... so reports posted here on how the engineer accesses (possibly roots) and 'unbricks' the TV might be useful...

    English (machine) translation
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    For what it's worth, my LB650V got this update and it went flawlessly. And this update apparently solves some of the nasty problems we blamed LG until now. More in the other thread about fix/bugs.

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    The update worked fine for me in the US. Not sure what it did, but it updated fine

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    commenters here indicate that version 04.45.04, Webos 1.3.3-3246(afro-arches) had the problems on some models in europe

    WARNUNG! LG: Problem mit webOS-Update
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    Or was it a tasteless April's fool joke?
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    At least it was an expensive one, paying all those 3rd-party service guys reaching out to (hundreds of) living rooms getting motherboards changed

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