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    Probably a simple n00b question.

    I want to put some TVs on walls for presentation purposes, they need to cycle through web tabs on a browser. I can see I can do this with Google Chrome plugin but was thinking of going LG/Webos and hopefully doing it without the need for a separate computer plugged into a TV. Is this possible? So to recap I want to load a browser with multiple tabs and have it cycle through, same 3 minutes on each tab.

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    Set the webpages to auto-load the next page in 3 minutes, and just open the 1st one in the browser.
    No need for anything special, and you can repair optional issues on any page centrally.

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="90;URL=''" />
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    switch 90 to 180 for 3 minutes

    Other options could be to use the LG Signage devices, or get yourself the developer SDK over at and write an app to do what you need. Sadly, it's not quite as easy as just plugging a computer into the TV and uploading the app to it, you have to create the app, then upload it to a page on, then when you receive the signed package back, put it on a USB stick and connect it to the TV..
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