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    Hi everybody,

    I'm pretty new here, as I just recently have bought a 32LB650V.
    Very impressed and happy of the Smart TV, so far.

    Today I've paired it with a newcomer: a Magic Remote 2014 bought separately.

    Well, it perfectly registered, and its use is magnificient.

    But.. after 5-6 mins of usage. especially after a small standby of the Remote itself (left unhelded), the TV shows me a "Magic Remote Update needed" in the upper rh corner, and below a giant box: "CAN'T UPDATE THE REMOTE. RETRY? Yes No"
    At this point, the Remote totally stops responding. I can't even aim at Yes or No. I can do that with the stock Remote, but the Magic don't respond either.
    The only chance is to briefly remove its batteries and it works flawlessly again.

    Until I switch off the TV. Because every time I do, after a short while, the TV will present again the "UPDATE" box that stuck the Magic.

    Is the Megic really in the need of a firmware update? How to force it? Happened to anybody else?

    Very weird. Because other that that, the controller is perfect and fine...
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    Just a heads up. Problem was solved by forcing TV software update to the latest 4.41...

    OTA hasn't offered it yet, but USB update worked flawlessly.

    And Remote Control now updated itself once, and works as intended..
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