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    Hi People!
    i live in brazil and there's a sale now that i can buy a LG LB7050 for a great price
    but this model i think won't receive the new OS version

    i never have a smart TV before so i dont know what is good to wait for it or not

    so what you guys think
    its better buy this model
    or wait a little to try to buy the new ones?
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    I can't guarantee for sure what the prices for new units will be, but I would expect them to come out at about the same price as the "list price" for the current units, so perhaps weigh if there's a significant discount from the "list price" to the current sale price... Considering that there's still a ton of the 2013 models in the retail pipes around here, I'm going to have a wait, but I already have a 50" display that is working fine, just wanting to replace it with a panel type display.. so I'm reasonably happy with staying where I'm at unless it's projector bulb fails.
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    Hi Luiz - welcome to the webOS Nations forums!

    It really depends on your finances and if the new webOS 2.0 features mean anything extra for you. You can pick up 2014 models pretty inexpensively right now (at least in the US) so that's a good thing, but if you are willing to pay a bit more for the newer models, the newer OS version will be on them and will offer a faster interface and more options. It's going to be a personal call whether you pull the trigger on the '14 models that won't get 2.0, or wait for the new ones to come in and try and get them on a sale price.

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