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    Quote Originally Posted by DWill22 View Post
    Why wouldn't it work? I use a harmony remote and it has all the buttons for my the TV and all their remote use the same settings.
    Because some of the remote functions are ir. Those I expect to work just as a harmony does. Others are data functions through pairing such as the mouse like pointer and scroll wheel. Can't say that the 2015 remote pairs the same or will work with 2014 tv's.
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    hmm. I take back what I said, it's not likely that it'll work with 1.0 devices. Doesn't look like they even list it as compatible with many of the 2.0 devices...

    The LG TV Magic Universal Remote Control AN-MR600 is compatible with the following LG Smart TV series:

    OLED TV: EF9500, EG9600, EF9800
    UHD 4K TV: UF9500, UF8500, UF7700, UF7690, UF7600, UF7590
    LED TV: LF6300

    ... that doesn't mean it isn't, though.. but i would be willing to say that you have almost zero chance of it working properly without 2.0.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdjh View Post
    Played around with the new remote at best buy. Much better than the 2014 style. And they had some 2014 sets so I was able to confirm that the ir works to control power (and probably other ir functions). Question now is if we can pair the new remote to a 2014 TV (they wouldn't let me try) and if all functions work. And even if it doesn't work now, will it work if/when we get webos 2.0 for the 2014?

    Almost want to start a new thread just for this and see if anyone can try pairing a new remote at a store while the 2014s are still on display.
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