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    On the LG Australia site we can find the first WebOS 2.0 picture of an 4K Ultra HD TV. As you can notice at the right is the new Magic Control. The tag of this picture is LG WebOS2


    Theres is also another picture thanks to where you can see the attache demonstrating WebOS 2.0 Tagged LG webos 2.0 demo

    Link: LG tips new 4K TVs running WebOS 2.0*·*

    Not too much until CES 2015 starts next week. We will see a lot of pictures and videos demos to post on this forum.
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    In between other companies participating this is the First mention about LG WebOS 2.0 TVs on a CNET video : The early buzz at CES 2015

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    An LG executive is talking about the TV evolution from Plasma to the latest 4Ks before the Netflix executive talks, LG Ex. talked barely without mention it about software and showed in a flash like a slide WebOS 2.0 to retake the stage after the Netflix ex. ended his presentation and then the LG Ex. had a long talk about the new features of WebOS 2.0

    My Channels, Quick Start, improvements in processors and some new streaming TV services.

    Here part of the video from LG Global Press Conference:

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    Video: LG WebOS 2.0 SmartTV OS Hands-on

    A LG salesman explains some of the features opf WebOS 2.0, are these new features improvements or is not too much what WebOS 2.0 offers compared with the first version???

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