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    hi guys,
    I own a brand new LG Smart TV, Mod. 49ub 850v.
    first i tried to cast my macbook screen to this device, it didn't work.
    I' m using plex media server with my macbook air.
    all works very nice except automatic subtittle download ( and display on my TV.

    neither the local nor the download from are displayed on the TV.
    I suppose to have used the names correct (same title for movie file and
    but no chance the subtitles on the TV to see.

    I have tried for since 6 weeks now.
    And now I have enough of it.

    could somebody help me please with this problem.

    regards Greg
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    Hi Greg,

    Welcome to the webOS Nation forums!
    I'm not running a Mac myself, but was wondering if you have tried the LG Smartshare app yet? I noticed last week that they finally have the full working version released and it has been working great for me to stream from my computer and/or phone.

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