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    We've got a LG 55LA620V

    I wanted to know: is there anyway of sending a message to the TV - so anyone viewing would get a message popup for a few seconds in the middle of the screen?

    Just looking for a way to communicate with the kids instead of shouting out loud


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    It's possible to do this. What are you planning to send the message with?

    So maybe you can find an app to do this - or even write one! The age of Legacy webOS means it is not supported, but an LG developer (jl85) has posted code that may make a legacy app possible on the TouchPad at least.
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    Smart tv don't think so.
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    55LA620V is a 2013 model running Netcast, not webOS. webOS supports displaying a notification in the corner of the screen from a remote app, but Netcast does not.
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    Resurrecting a very old thread in case someone comes across this from a google search.

    There is now an app to send messages to LG TVs:

    Disclosure: I'm the app developer & also had the same issue with having to shout to the kids when they were watching TV!

    Hope this helps someone if found via a search one day


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