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    I have a 32LB650 with both satellite and off-air signals.

    I tuned the tv for both off-air and satellite reception. All channels are received properly but I cannot switch between off-air and satellite.

    Off-air are in the range 1-40, satellite are 1001+

    When using off air and wanting to switch to a satellite channel I input e.g. 1023 but nothing happens.

    The only way I can switch between off air and satellite is to go back to program tuning and enter tuning mode at which point I can change over.

    How do I change from one mode to the other?

    I posted this question to the LG 'help' desk and got the following answer:

    The units are only meant to use one type of signal at any one time, you will also find the Freeview channels will be available on satellite. so there is no reason to have both.

    They cannot be serious!

    I cannot believe they could ship a television without such basic functionality.

    Can anyone shed light on how to change simply from off-air to satellite?
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    You're right - that is stupid. I have an older Samsung tv that has a quick button on the remote to switch between over-the-air and cable, and I use it frequently because the cable signal does not have all of the local channels in HD.

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