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    Hello all to this nice WebOS place.

    I have bought the 55" LB730V and yesterday I was prompted to install the latest firmware (4.30) through internet. I did and was again prompted to restart my TV which I did. The TV was stuck about 1' in the Web OS screen and after that it started normally. But when I checked under General/ Information for the TV I got the information that the installed firmware was the initial one (03.23.24) and when I try checkking for newer versions I get the message I already have the latest (!?).

    I tried contacting LG here in my country but all I got is that the current isntalled version is the ...latest one. I 've read here but also know from fellow owners of the same model that they have succesfully installed and already getting the benefits of the latest update (4.30). So is there a problem in my case or am I wrong?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm in the UK and got my 55B650V in the middle of August. When the TV arrived it was on 03.03.24 and a month later that is still the latest version available here as I just checked seconds ago...

    I gave up waiting for LG UK and flashed the TV using a USB stick with the firmware from this post - - and it worked perfectly.

    Since putting that firmware on the TV has also done an online update to 04.30.09 with no problems.

    I hope LG will keep producing firmware updates but after seeing several complaints from people with last years models that are still waiting for updates I'm not so sure...

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