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    A new ad of LG WebOS Smart TV : ‘So Simple’ Old man SWAG

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    hehe, nice.
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    I was speechless and I am unsure if that is good or bad
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    i guess i'm not young enough to appreciate that. either that or it was truly horrible and condescending. not sure.

    i'd have been more impressed with a demo showing you can check what's on, set a dvr recording, check email, check an auction on ebay, start a movie on netflix, then switch to streaming pandora. in 30 seconds or less.

    better yet, illustrate that the random store browser can do all that before the salesman even comes over to ask if he needs a demonstration.

    because that's the point, right? you DON'T NEED a demo because it's SO SIMPLE?
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    Yeah, I'm glad to see that LG webOS wont be plagued by weird/awkward feeling ads like Palm webOS was...
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    Man, I love that gigantic Bean Bird <3 So cute
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    Quote Originally Posted by zane9000 View Post
    Yeah, I'm glad to see that LG webOS wont be plagued by weird/awkward feeling ads like Palm webOS was...
    But I like ... to pause after ... every three words
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    I actually really like this ad. I think the sales guy is great casting and hip-hop sequence makes me laugh.

    But I have absolutely NO IDEA what it means or how it's meant to sell the TV.

    (watches again) So there's a version of the dance sequence on the TV, then he grabs his ankles, tries a bit of dancing, says it"s c*8p, then goes into a full-on body-popping routine! Beanbird is a bystander...

    No demo of the features. If this was the first time you'd seen beanbird, it would mean even less...

    Original script: Salesman struggles to demo brand X, but webOS is so easy it sells itself.
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    LG WebOS Smart TV is so simple for even an old man that hiphops Sort of. I think.
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    I don't think it's intended to be an advertisement per se, I think it's another one of those "we're fake trolling the hell out of someone" videos, like they did with the LCD panels installed as the floor of the elevator, and stuff.
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    Since we already have Pit Bull, I think this sales guy's alter ego needs to be...oh....Shar Pei?
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    Not even sure WHAT to think after that one.... definitely not a good one for the US market...

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