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    How do I know I'm getting a webos TV?

    Does LG (or Costco) use webos in the branding, or is there some other keyword or part number designation that I should look for to ensure I'm getting a webos tv?
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    It says in the descriptions or printed on the box. Take a look at this from Costco:
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    out of the 5 LG tv's costco sells, all listed as smart, the 65" was the only one to have webos buried in the technical description???
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    LG 47LB6100 => 47" smart but no webos
    LG 47LB6300 => 47" smart w/webos
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    Just see de box
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    Are you going to buy without checking it out in store?
    If so, I'd say check the model numbers against LG's website.
    Smart TV: Compare LG's Smart TVs | LG USA

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