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    Anyone know of a way of getting a Satellite EPG onto a WebOS TV? I am ditching Sky and just hooked up a satellite LNB feed to the back of the TV only to find there is no forward planner EPG - just about 300 channels! It picks up the channels fine, but only what is on now.

    I know the TV is not a FreeSat model, but is there a FreeSat type app available to make use of TimeMachine? Achilles heel to LG WebOS TVs? Is an app hook available to access this?

    The picture quality is great and I get the full range of HD channels plus a bunch of others I did not expect like Kerrang TV. If it has to be restricted to only watching Live TV then so be it, but the platform has so much potential it would be a shame not to see it expand more.

    PS: This is the 3rd site I am crossposting on - just need people to talk to but there is very little on the web about this for some reason.
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    um.. what kind of satellite? are we talking like an old school 9-foot dish? i'm confused as to where the problem is exactly.
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    Are you trying to hook up to a FreeSat dish and wanting the FreeSat Guide (Freetime) to be available directly withing the TV's guide without having to use an outside box?

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