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    I have purchased web os 42LF 6500 tv , Please tell compatible wireless headphone.
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    I use my Sony MDR-XB950BT headphones with my LG OLED55E6P with no difficulty. Once paired (easy) I need only turn the Sony headset on for the TV to see them and switch the sound to the headset. I believe it is also has Bluetooth receiver capability for use with portable devices (ie phones).
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    You said "and/or subwoofer" . I am wanting to hook up a sub-woofer to my LG OLED55E6P but am stuck with how to connect one. Is there a Bluetooth subwoofer (no soundbar wanted, it's built into the TV) that will work with the LG tv? Even if I get a BT sub, won't the TV switch off the internal speakers as soon as it connects to the BT sub? If I make a connection through the optical out, I think my problem will be that I'll need two volume controls as the TV volume will not have any effect on the optical out signal. Is there a simple solution?

    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    It's a wireless connection designed to work with LG soundbars and subwoofers. It allows you to hook up an LG soundbar and/or subwoofer to your TV without having to wire it up and so the sub and soundbar are in synch (which the should be anyway) - so yes, it's basically a BT connection to their devices.
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    I'm not aware of a subwoofer that works without the soundbar with a television. Yes, as you've pointed out, usually there is only an all or nothing approach by the manufacturers when sending audio signal out. Either all audio gets played through the tv speakers, or everything goes to outside speakers. It would be nice if a TV has a good soundbar built-in that they would add a sub-out connection.
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    If I have a newer LG 55 Inch TV and purchased an LG Sound Bar and Sub Woofer with Sound Sync, would I be able to use the sound sync feature to bypass all hookups to the TV and use the sound bar as a true wireless connection in order to place the sound bar away from the TV location in another area of the room? Thanks for the help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Grant3 View Post
    If I have a newer LG 55 Inch TV and purchased an LG Sound Bar and Sub Woofer with Sound Sync, would I be able to use the sound sync feature to bypass all hookups to the TV and use the sound bar as a true wireless connection in order to place the sound bar away from the TV location in another area of the room? Thanks for the help.
    For streaming audio from your TV, the soundbars work on Bluetooth (not WiFi), so you will be limited to having the speakers near the signal source (TV). Very doubtful that the the signal would reach very far and still be stable, unless it's just on the other side of a wall.

    Having said that, if you are looking to use the soundbar just as a wireless speaker for music, they can be placed in various rooms and connected to WiFi (according to the manual) to allow music streaming using their Music Flow app. I've posted a link to a manual for one of their bars and you can see both options. Unfortunately, if you are looking to stream the sound from your TV, the bar has to be close enough to lock on the Bluetooth signal.
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    Hello, I've got a LG 55UH625V and a LG SJ1 Bluetooth Soundbar but my TV doesn't give me the Wireless Sound Sync option. I just get a choice of Internal TV Speaker, Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC), LG Sound Sync (Optical) and Wired Headphones. Can anyone help?
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    Hi. I just signed up. I have the same concern with connecting a wireless headphone to LG UH6500. With Sound Sync being proprietary, would using a bluetooth dongle and a bluetooth audio receiver/transmitter work? I plan on plugging the dongle into the TV's USB port, pair the bluetooth audio receiver with the dongle and then plug in my headphones to the audio out/aux of the receiver. Has anyone tried this? Thank you.
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    Things may have changed, but the last time I saw it discussed, there was no BT support on the TVs. As for a BT dongle, I'm not sure if they work in the TVs. What I did was buy a BT transmitter with AptX low latency support, with a optical audio input, and paired my BT headphones with it. It works great, though I will say that pairing two devices that don't have a display on them can be tricky.
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    following your comment I bought a HBS 750 wireless headphone. My TV is LG65UF950V. But it did not pair with my headphone. The TV could find out by wireless sync.
    Thats pathetic! If LG really support it, they should have a list of supported devices. LG Customer care said that they do not support it. And customer care is so bad. do not reply to mail or online forms.
    The TV is good. But I am in despair with LG!
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    I have LG sh4d sound bar with lg sync. (By the way sound is pretty good on this soundbar.) I have a hisense pretty dumb tv.
    Lg sync didnt work for my hisense unsurprisingly (proprietary I believe).
    I connected the soundbar with optical toslink.
    I wanted to control the volume of my soundbar with my tv remote but the soundbar only had optical in jack and bluetooth. OpticaI doesn't support tv remote volume control. I thought I'd buy a low latency aptx Bluetooth transmitter to send the tv's headphone jack output to the soundbar. It worked but with a very slight lag.
    I have used my phone to watch iPlayer and YouTube, but with the phone's Bluetooth audio to the soundbar. Sync I think, is spot on.
    I'm tempted to conclude that the soundbar's Bluetooth does support nearly no lag transmission.
    But the speed of the transmitter is very important.
    I hope this has helped someone.
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    I have a "Work Around" for using a NON LG Bluetooth headset with my 2018 LG TV.

    I purchased an adapter from eBay that connects to the Digital Optic Audio Jack and converts it to Bluetooth.

    Using that device, I was able to connect my favorite Bluetooth Headset.

    Problem solved.

    The Device description is: Digital Optical Fiber Toslink Audio Adapter Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I would suspect that either you have a setting incorrect (I'd "reset" the TV to default and try again), or your device has an issue. True that the TV's don't have the best sound build-in, but none of the brands that are that thin sound good. They are build more as monitors and tend to rely on people understanding that for size and thinness you sacrifice sound quality (there's just no place to put larger speakers). Having said that - you will also notice that the display TV's at the stores are fairly loud in that environment, so if the device you purchased doesn't seem to get at least as loud as the sample at the store, there may be an issue with the sound system built into yours and it should be swapped out to see.
    yes it is true it is possible that the audio system is problematic
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    I just recently bought LG sound bar model SP8YA. I want to use this with my OLED65CXAUA TV. The instructions in the TV Guide under bluetooth connectivity that "We recommend that you connect an LG audio device that supports LG Sound Sync." And. of course, this 2021 sound bar SP8YA does NOT support their proprietary LG Sound Sync!! Am I going to have reliability problems simply using the bluetooth connectivity from the TV to this sound bar? Is the LG Sound Sync supposedly _better_ or just their proprietary bluetooth? Thanks for any advice.
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