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    I've just bought an LG 42LB630V (in fact I didn't received it yet), and I was wondering if I could stream by WiFi my computer. Not multimedia files, but my computer: the desktop, programs, everything.
    Is there an app for WebOS for this, or you should install some LG software in your computer?
    Is there any limitation?

    Thank you!
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    If your computer supports miracast or intel widi then I believe yes you can.
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    Thanks for your answer.

    My network card is an Atheros AR9285, not an Intel.
    But, in the webpage, they say:
    "This utility installs an updated version of the Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter to enable the "Wi-Fi Direct™" function of the computer."
    Sony eSupport - VPCEL13FX - Drivers & Software

    So I'm not quite sure.
    I have to install a program in my computer (with Windows 7) to check it?
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    I've not heard of WiDi working with Win 7, I've only heard of it working with Win 8.1 .. but I've not heard of everything in this world either. :-)

    I'd be interested in having a Splashtop version for the new webOS... hmm. or at least a VNC or some other remote control client...
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    I'm not an expert, but I think WiDi is just to be able to share things via WiFi without the need of a router.
    But should be a simpler solution if you are using a router, like VNC or TeamViewer. I have no problems watching by streaming my computer on my Android phone, so should be a solution to see it on the TV, in my opinion.

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