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    A bit sad it is called Smart+ (instead of webOS) in the whole article - perhaps a name change LG will do in 2015?

    LG Smart+ (webOS) System Review | AVForums

    The Smart TV has finally come of age and Smart+ is genuinely revolutionary, leaving the competition in the Stone Age. As a result, Smart+ is the reference point to which all other systems will be compared, and thus deserving of a Reference Status badge.

    On top there is a review of the LG LB730 ( 8 of 10):
    LG LB730 (47LB730) TV Review | AVForums
    Certainly the shape of the 'ribbon' stand and the positioning of the speakers helps but the deeper chassis - 5.5cm at its thickest point - also means that larger speakers can be used. As a result the sound quality was very good and the built-in dual speakers and woofer delivered a decent, room-filling sound.
    When it comes to input lag, LG have struggled in the past and at first we thought this might be the same with the LB730.

    However, as with previous LG models we found that actually using the CMS (COlor Management System) introduced blocking artefacts into the image, so it best avoided. Luckily, once the greyscale has been calibrated the colour accuracy is excellent, aside from the previously mentioned error in the luminance of blue.

    However, renaming the input "PC" brought the lag down to a respectable 34ms, which is one of the lower measurements we've recorded this year.

    In fact, even though we were watching a lot of football we never felt the need to resort to TruMotion but it's an effective option for those that feel they need it with fast-paced sports action. Although as always, we would never recommend using TruMotion with film-based material.
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    A bit sad it is called Smart+ (instead of webOS) in the whole article - perhaps a name change LG will do in 2015?
    Maybe, but LG went big on branding at the CES 2014. The reviews have been extremely positive and sales are good. LG have either rehabilitated the reputation of webOS or introduced it as a 'cool' thing to those who never heard of it before. Smart TV is a generic term. Adding '+' to it doesn't add a whole lot of differentiation. This might just be an emphasis of the journalist.

    I get the impression LG is selling 'Smart TV with webOS', not, 'webOS TV' as we are calling it. This differentiates the portion of their range with webOS. I don't think webOS is on the biggest and curved sets, so pushing it now may harm sales at that end. Now we hear that webOS will be on all LG smart TVs in 2015. At that point, all LG smart TVs will be webOS TVs. Then they will either use webOS to denote 'Smart' or demote the name. I think the latter move will be a mistake.

    You go to a shop and you can buy a Sony, Samsung, Panasonic (etc) Smart TV. As most reviews of webOS TVs note, they are much the same and not very good. A webOS TV is different. People will appear asking for the 'LG one' or the 'webOS one'. Asking for the 'smart one' just means, "show me all the TVs". If Android TV takes off, Manufacturers will not be calling it Smart+, They'll be calling it Android TV. A Pre+ is just a bit better than a Pre, but roughly the same thing. A Galaxy is not a Pre.

    If we assume hardware is similar quality, software will be the differentiator and other manufacturers will either have to license webOS / build Open webOS, use something else (probably Android) or build something that is also different/better. Assuming LG would license, they are still a direct competitor in the TV market. Building your own webOS or 'other' takes time and money. As with phones, Android is the easy option. Google don't make TVs.

    This might be seen as a threat in the way Android is ubiquitous in the mobile world, but LG have had at least 18months head start, there are not the level of TV apps as phone apps and it might be easy to convert existing Enyo apps to the TV. Android is trying to become as slick as webOS, but webOS is already there. Web apps, common standards and the connect protocol may mean your actual OS is less relevant.

    There is a danger that LG will have webOS and eventually everyone else will have Android, but they could consider licensing or maybe they want to try the Apple model of being the 'Quality' option with a significant, but smaller share of the market than the other combined manufacturers.
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    But where is the webOS app for the webOS TV . . . ?
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    LG Smart TVs: Enjoy Apps, Video Steaming & More | LG USA

    Looks like it's "LG Smart+ TV with webOS". A bit of a mouthful, but ... whatevs.

    Apps are .. in the LG store?
    Remove Messaging Beeps patch for webOS 3.0.5, Left/Right bezel gestures in LunaCE,
    Whazaa! Messenger and node-wa, SynerGV 1 and 2 - Google Voice integration, XO - Subsonic Commander media streamer, AB:S Launcher
    (1:39:33 PM) halfhalo: Android multitasking is like sticking your fingers into a blender
    People asked me for a donate link for my non-catalog work, so here you are:

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