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    LG Electronics has a new challenge: keeping the current team of webOS software engineers happy so that they can continue to develop the operating system to make it more competitive.

    How LG Is Integrating the WebOS Team - Digits - WSJ
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    Decent article from the WSJ, but this line was a bit silly:

    For the Silicon Valley team, they had to get used to the Korean culture of doing everything quickly.
    Silicon Valley is the king of getting things done fast. A large part of webOS 1.0 100% of the user interface and apps was written in less than a year, and that included things like a phone app, email, calendar, contacts, SMS, IM, browser, maps, music, app catalog, PDF viewer, settings, Synergy, etc, along with groundbreaking UI concepts. That's on top of various system services including telephony, wifi/3G, GPS, bluetooth, OTA update, backup/restore, power management, databases, USB storage, etc.

    The Touchpad was done even faster.

    Korean culture emphasizes hard work and swiftness, but Silicon Valley is already on the same page.
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    sadly it didn't feel so fast afterwards...

    but i should not put the boot in.
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    They most certainly should listen to the designers in CA.

    Most things that come quickly to mind, which i recall being celebrated for its "designed in California" attributes, were very successful. Cars, electronics, etc. Yes, we know what want, and while i don't care for the LG TV style because it simply isn't what we know from mobile, i do like the slant and it does make it stand out, like it's been italicized. It's these small style cues that make the difference. Much like an upswipe to close an app!!! Don't be mediocre, LG. Be brilliant!
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