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    I had Ares 0.2.11 running nicely for awhile until my Ubuntu dev box went really flaky (bad RAM or MB maybe). Eventually I'll get another linux box setup and reinstall it...
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    Last time I tried ares 2 had some issues with Enyo 2.4... maybe they are fixed now, though.
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    Ares worked well in Windows last time I tried it, also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    Ares worked well in Windows last time I tried it, also.
    Well i got Ares2 running here but not the best yet! Still needs some fine tuning.

    Also got the ares-webos-sdk plugin from in the current skd to work Made the sample app in Are2 built it and installed ( on the TV emulator) all with in Ares2.

    If you got time to kill grab the folder " ares-webos-sdk " from the current sdk should be in ( C:\webOS_TV_SDK\CLI\node_modules) and
    put it in the Ares2 node_module folder then restart your ide/server and reload Ares it will find the new plugin

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