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    Now that this site is up and running with the new LG Webos TV's I would like to start a thread on how to get the best calibration out it the TV.

    I am not good at this and my hope for this thread would be that we can all get a better picture and help each other.

    I just bought the 47LB671v model and is very happy so far.

    Anyone who would like to share some calibration specs?


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    Thanks for the link but i dont have a blueray drive at all so that is not a viable way for me.

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    You don't need a blueray player to calibrate (ignore that part). I've calibrated using standard DVD's and even LaserDiscs (back before DVD). Pick up a calibration disc anywhere (online or at an electronics company) and use a regular DVD player. The better the connection, the better the result, so if you can use composite connections (or if your player has a Toslink optical output better yet) instead of s-video or standard RCA. Otherwise, just use what you have and you will get MUCH better results than simply eyeballing it or copying settings from someone (everyone's eyes and screens will be slightly different).

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