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    German site with generally same info as LG-site but a bit better to sort out which model-class to look for in detail. With some additional details regarding analog PVR or which usb device to use for PVR:

    Unterschiede der LG Fernseher Serie LB (LB561V, LB570U, LB570V, LB580V, LB582U, LB582V, LB620V, LB630V, LB650V, LB670V, LB671V, LB700V, LB730V, LB731V, LB870V) Zambullo
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    LG TV Lineup 2014 EU-Names
    Pregled LG-jevih televizora u 2014. godini | HD Televizija - HDTV eZine


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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    Hmmm.. your image isn't showing up Which link are you referencing on that page?

    <<updated - fixed the link in the OP>>
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    Remove the : after jpg in the link ;-)

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    ahh.... I'm mobile and didn't see the actual link address. Thanks

    Got it... fixed the OP link also

    Also... nice to see some 32" sets listed. Now they need to get a US version out.

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