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    It seems there is a hidden code page menu to change subtitle encoding:

    WebOS vs Old SmartTV's Menu - Page 2 - LG webOS TV Discussion - LG webOS

     I have VERY good news. I managed to fix the issue with the help from LG Hellas! There is a very nicely hidden menu in WebOS which allows you to change the encoding of the subtitles. Steps:
    1) Play your movie
    2) When you see weird characters appears with your subtitles hit Pause.
    3) In the Pause menu click on the little arrow on the right hand side.
    4) Click on the button that says 'Sub'
    5) Click on External
    6) There is the hidden menu!
    7) Select Code Page
    8) Here is the bug. Try Greek first. It didn't fully work for me. Some characters still appeared like chinese. The solution for now is to select Simplified Chinese. That did the trick for me all characters appeared fine after that.
    LG told me that they are going to look into the issue because Greek should work. Hopefully that solves the issue!
    Also manually changing sub text files to utf8 encoding could work.

    Not sure if that could help for that wrong display of special chars like apostrophe, shown here:
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    cooooool!!!! i was searching for a while how to change the encoding to cyrilic, don't know how i've missed your post... your method works! thanks for sharing it!!!
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    Cool find... this stays permanent if we change it once?
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    Any idea on how to get scandinavian characters like ורז? I have tried all the possible languages but no luck so far.


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    Any idea how can I set the default to be subtitle off?

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