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    I just got off of the phone with ABT Electronics and they have the webOS TV's in stock and ON DISPLAY! Whooohoooo! Even better.... the sales person said the 42" was on sale not long ago for $619 and they will honor that price! Plus it comes with a 12 month subscription to Netflix.

    Gonna get ready and head up there to check it out! I'll take some pics if anyone is interested (I'll probably grab one if it looks good)

    UPDATE: Got One!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post

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    ...but that's still on the shelf... ;-)

    I was expecting a picture of you in front of it, ideally in one of those 'lazy-boy' recliner things & a beer-can hat, sharing a brew with Bean bird. Also the word, "First!" would start your post.
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    Not on the shelf anymore!

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    Had to tear my place apart and still have to put the stand on... Excited!

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    ... more more more.. show every detail
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    A few pics as setup progressed...

    On the bottom of the TV (centered directly below the screen) is the power light and this toggle switch. This is the only button on the machine and is basically a joystick that will allow you to do everything from one location.

    Good selection of inputs (3 USB, and 3 HDMI)

    Blurry-cam pic to tease

    Back of the remote to access batteries

    And.... the very first screen for startup. Showing you to press the center button on the remote (sorry for bad pic)

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    Setting up:


    Apparently, the LG store isn't available yet. I sure hope this gets launched with some cool content!

    Starting up Netflix on the native app

    Native apps need to update to new versions when you first use them. Updates are fast and easy

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    The remote is incredibly smooth operating. Works like a Wii remote, but it a LOT more stable and not 'jumpy' at all. Very nice!

    The menu cards are actually nice. They way they have them laid out is that apps that you have recently used are on the left when you scroll over to that... and the rest of your apps are on the right. If you were watching a live TV show and then switched over to Netfilx and then YouTube, all 3 of those are in cards to the left showing a screenshot of what was being viewed.

    I switched from live TV over to Netflix and then over to my Roku player to stream a hockey game using PlayOn. I switched back to live TV... then 30 minutes later went back to the left set of cards showing my history and clicked on the Roku card (see image below). The streaming game came up instantly. THAT'S where they are using webOS! The card kept the application running and switching back to that card brought it up in progress. SWEET!

    Here's a shot of the live TV channel guide

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    Oh yeah... another really cool thing about this is that while I was at the store, another customer came up to me and told me he had just bought 3 of these himself! And when I pulled around to pick up the purchase, there was a guy loading up a 55" LG webOS TV into his truck! LOVE IT!!
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    Cool! Keep us updated, ok? Does it feel like webOS in any way that would be familiar to us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carldc View Post
    Cool! Keep us updated, ok? Does it feel like webOS in any way that would be familiar to us?
    So far... the only way I truly see webOS in the system is with the card use for previous items. Like webOS on mobile devices, when you minimized a card - that app was always open and ready to go. Open the browser, minimize it, copy some text from an email, come back to the browser and paste it right in. That's kinda how it feels with this TV. If you open an app, go to another and come back, it picks up where you were (to a point). Those apps, or live TV channel, it there in a card to come right back to.
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    posting this from my tv!! whooohoooo
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    the web browser is definitely usable and supports tabbed browsing.

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    Have you hooked up the bluetooth keyboard yet? Would make posting from the tv a lot easier.
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    Not sure if I can. I'll check it out and see if it has that ability.
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    Could you discribe how Live-TV channel sorting works. Is there a way to put favorites on shortcut numbers 1-9 on regular remote or is it channelswitch only possible by zapping through?
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    gizmo, what would you then do to access channels 1 to 9 ?

    One caveat you may notice as you use it more is that when you run it out of system memory your apps that are over in the card view sometimes have to be reloaded, its a bit iOS 7 like in that respect.

    I'm so excited I cant wait to hear more

    Also did it come with a standard remote or just the magic remote ?
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    Dude, 42" webOS TV for $619 is a fairy tale.
    I envy you
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    Me want one...

    Gotta check with the budget keeper.
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