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    Brazil: LG showing webOS TVs. Arena Sports app.

    Now the time is for South America with Brazil, where LG is showing its line of recent presented new TVs at CES 2014 like the Ultra Hd TV with Cinema 3D and webOS with an special app LG Arena Sports with is a sport-specific feature.

    Well as you know , the World FootBall (Soccer) Cup 2014 will start this June in Brazil.

    Taken from Korean to English I tried to understand the best I could to organize the Google translation, as follows:

    LG Electronics, Brazil Sports Marketing Acceleration.

    " To enjoy Ground-up football festival, on LG TV "
    ■ 25 ~ 26 days (local time), "Digital Experience 2014 'strategy, product release this year stand
    ■ 'football-only AV mode', 'support-mode' and featuring a new sport-specific seonbwae
    ■ 'Cinema 3D', 'Web OS', etc. Launching unique technology Ultra HD TV market-driven

    Considering the World FootBall (Soccer) Cup 2014 will take place in Brazil, LG Electronics is showing Ultra HD TV Digital Experience 2014 at the TransAmerica Expo Center, in Sao Paulo, Brazil this March 25-26

    LG Electronics developed a dedicated native new application sport-specific feature for the upcoming football festival with the best TV viewing experience , from the ground up to take over Brazilian markets.

    With this new application the TV is like a real soccer field (LG Arena Sports) and includes a sound quality that provides a “football only AV mode” , key can be stored easily in the game' Time Machine, cheer on the TV sound and graphics, and implement a firecracker' support mode ', save and edit directly highlights the' screen capture , key economic information that can be verified in real-time scenes sports content app , family to enjoy the magic of remote control' Soccer Game App "and equipped.

    LG Ultra HD TV with its only distinctive feature of 'Cinema 3D' and 'Web OS' are going to lead the initiative Launching market strategy.

    'Web OS' Smart TV which is quick, easy and easier usability of user experience (UX) is provided. To move to another service anywhere in the "Easy Switch (Simple Switching) . You can easily find a wide range of content in a' simple search (Simple Discovery) , easily connected the' Easy Connect (Simple Connection)'to Launching staged differentiation.

    In addition, Latin American soccer enthusiasts AV products is aimed at young people attracted.

    High Power Audio 'Boom Pro X (X Boom Pro)' Open a reflection football 'football mode' to mount.Football mode 'Ole (Ole)', 'come and ohhhh (Goooooooooal)', Vuvuzela / entertaining football cheer whistle Six such effects can be used.

    The product is connected to the TV with 2800 watts (W) through the presence of a high-powered speakers to listen to the sound of a game, be a fan. The speakers placed around the flashing lights are like a flash light and LED light club (Club) to create in such a mood to celebrate the victory of the party

    Managing Director of LG Electronics Brazil President byeon chang beom "LG own distinctive features that reflect the taste of local products and the Brazilian national brand to strengthen its position," he said.

    To understand me what is AV Mode ? Two videos ( By the way I don`t have a Smart TV yet)


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    Video; LG WebOS Smart TV: Arena Mode Ad.

    The 2014 Foot Ball (soccer) World Cup is just around the corner. Starts in June 12 with the match Brazil vs Croacia and it is the right time to get a brand new LG WebOS Smart TV to enjoy all the world cup matches. You can take advantage of the ARENA MODE : make a pause, rewind to watch again the goal. This app will provide you of the latest information and news of the most watched event of the planet. Enjoy the 64 matches with a truly Smart TV MAKE IT SIMPLE AGAIN.

    I am talking like a salesman lol


    P.S Sorry guys apparently the app is only available in Central and South America. TV rights I think
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