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    Oh, my!

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    That is just sad to see. Really does taste bitter. LOL

    (OP - I've added a screenshot of the page to your post)

    Sadly... they also have an app in the Google Play store:

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    What was that !? Oh, crap, guess it can join the rest of the knives and daggers in our collective back. C'est la vie

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    Yes, ironic, but not necessarily bad.
    LG is the second biggest tv maker behind Samsung and they are plugging webos tv like crazy,
    If it takes off, then perhaps it migrates beyond the top 20 apps and eventually people will be familiar enough with it that they would consider a matching mobile electronic accessory.
    We will know the tv starts hitting big when some journalist checks how much it uploads your content and viewing habits.
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    Contradicted feelings.

    well, LG have to spread out to consumers all webOS TVs models to what ever mobile device they are using Apple`s or Android`s or Windowsphone, this last any time to come out maybe, in order to make easier a decision choice on TVs.

    LG Electronics is ready with those apps LG remote TV-webOS before the availability of the sets in American markets, and sure will make some ads with that information.
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    Maybe, just maybe they aren't releasing a WebOS version yet because they don't want anyone to know that they are working on a new webOS phone and app store.... Wishful thinking I know
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    This will introduce a ton of users to WebOS who have no idea it ever existed.
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    sad enough not even ACL can help as it is Android 4+, but devs have some humor as they name the sensor field "Touchpad" (always thought it was bad name for a tablet) AND they are showing a webOS websearch with TP go review and Pre unboxing

    [Main Features]
    - TV Controller
    - Launcher
    - Search
    - Touch Pad
    - FOTA

    Be prepared to answer questions for "the Touchpad feature" from LG Remote users in our forum
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    It would have been a welcome tip of the hat to existing webOS users if they included a compatible app. Either they don't recognize us at all or they want total brand identity separation from anything that was HP's version of webOS.

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    There's no guarantee the needed communication protocol is supported on current webOS devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    There's no guarantee the needed communication protocol is supported on current webOS devices.
    And couldn't be coded in ENYO???
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtiberio View Post
    And couldn't be coded in ENYO???
    Maybe he's thinking about infrared or some other way to talk to the tv.. But I supposed most everything can be done over wifi these days.
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    I read it's a WiFi connection. Should work on webOS devices if it's enyo but...dunno.
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    seriously, all these remotes now a days work through ethernet.
    It could be done. open up the right ip and port and push some bytes...

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