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    The LG webOS is coming faster than you think to the North American and International markets, now that UNDERWRITER LABORATORIES (UL) and the INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATION AUTHORITIES (INTERTEK) have certificated all the easy functions ways webOS platform can offer in a Smart TV.

    Below pls find the Korean/English , Google translated Official LG press release:

    LG Web OS platform, ease of use, proven

    ■ UL and Intertek global rating agencies from the 'Web OS platform' functional verification pass

    ■ Easy to change, easy to navigate, easy connectivity, Web OS core function evaluation

    ■ 14 years with the magic remote usability evaluation and utilization of the Saints

    LG's new Smart TV platform 'Web OS' overseas leading ease of use from the certificate authority has passed the verification

    North American standard certification body 'UL (Underwriter Laboratories)' and the International Performance Certification Authorities 'Intertek (Intertek)' that Web OS platform is convenient to make exactly evaluated.

    The certification body 'launcher (menu bar)' at any time move the app to function, "Live menu (TV menu) 'to go directly to the desired service functionality and content, animated characters that appeared in the initial setup easy and the ability to maximize user convenience appreciates the advantages of the Web OS platform was. Web OS platform, the 2014 model year, as well as ease of use and versatility of magic, such as remote control, differentiation was verified with the remote control function as well.

    Applying the next-generation platform, the Web OS 'LG Smart TV' is LG's smart technology strategy, the total aggregate products. Easy conversion, Easy Connect, Easy navigation, including the nature of TV 'Easy Usability' emphasized

    Managing Director of LG Electronics, said: TV development at "The verification of the LG Smart TV with Web OS is ease of use and technical excellence was proven" and "Smart TV is easy and convenient to continue its market-leading customer value," he said.

    On the other hand, LG Smart TV the test was conducted by UL in December last year:

    'voice and gesture recognition capabilities' (Advanced Speech and Finger Gesture Recognition Smart TV) certification is the first world`s obtained.

    LG ›OS ”Œž폼, ‚š Ž˜„ ž…증 | Social LG*„ž

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    I'd think releasing a product around tax return time would be a great way to boost sales on a pricier item. Unfortunately even as much as I want to try the TV, I will probably stick with my current tv since it works fine for me now. Now if my tv were to die, I would hop on a webOS right away for a replacement. Can't wait to try it out at a store either way.

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