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    Dear @HelloNewmann webosnation moderator , if you can make a better organization of these info from the korean site using Google translate will be helpful for all of us By the way I am not a developer and maybe I made some mistakes on the info posted below Thanks

    LG will showcase the World`s Largest 105" Ultra HD Display with a webOS application Smart Hotel TV which is equipped with maximum ease of use without having to wear clothes. Actually you can look on the 'LG board'

    The exhibition will take place at the Integrated System Europe 2014 February 4-6 in Amsterdan, NL.

    Digital Signane is in a variety of high-IPS Smart Hotel TV. It serves to strengthen commercial display markets.

    LG Electronics is presenting the 105" type Ultra HD signage, the world's smallest bezel video wall (Video Wall), as well as innovative hardware, such as the 'Web OS' feast, and equipped with the Smart Hotel TV, Business to Business (B2B) clients will captivate the eye of that.

    ■ Ultra HD digital signage era map
    The exhibition at the LG 105 type, 98 type, 84 type, such as a super ultra-HD digital signage to highlight the booth front.

    Very large size of the 105 type Ultra HD signage is 21:09 aspect ratio, the ratio of the actual objects and people to implement a realistic and delicate clothing, and is perfect for car shop.

    105 type and 98 type Ultra HD video compression standard existing signage (H.264) compression compared to two times the level of the 'high-efficiency video coding (HEVC)' equipped with a decoder, 30p, 60p video playback all possible.

    Ultra HD 84-type signage is interactive multi-touch touch-enabled products. 10-point touch technology that, at the same time detect the ten fingers. Shopping malls and galleries, educational institutions suitable for utilization and management is also applied to the film prevents fingerprints easily.

    ■ 'Web OS' Mount Smart Hotel TV
    LG Electronics will exhibit the 'Web OS' TV is also equipped with a smart hotel app .'Web OS' is equipped on Smart TV for hotel guests to easily and conveniently via the UI Description surrounding attractions, entertainment and other necessary information so that you can enjoy the comfort.

    'Web OS' Smart Hotel TV is advantageous in terms of operation and management of hotels. The hotel offers personalized solutions to operational early TV set, a stable server connection, offering VOD content from the smooth operation and management of hotel TV responsible for all aspects.

    You can check the TV Remote Management System that ensures the privacy of guest history and auto-delete function to provide convenience and hotel operations care at the convenience of the guests.

    ■ The actual figure can wear without having to get dressed in the 'LG board'

    LG Electronics is a high-performance touch screen also serves as a mirror and 'LG board ' is presented. While using a mirror in a fashion store display, store customers' clothes fitting' actual capabilities without having to put yourself in different angles you can be identified. In addition, the display shown in the size and color of the product through the catalog,to check it is possible.

    The transparent display will showcase upgraded.Utilizing a transparent display showing the actual product as advertising or other promotional content on it , are suitable for high-quality shopping malls.

    The LG Electronics 55-inch display that is connected to the entrance to the exhibition a 'video wall (Video Wall)' to install captivate the eyes of visitors. LG 'video wall' is a joint border thickness 3.5mm to minimize eyesore can represent a magnificent screen, and a mere 23kg per unit weight is also easy to install. Sports stadiums, theaters, exhibition hall, suitable for use in music festivals. In addition, LG's super-sign (SuperSign) to provide software to edit the content in a variety of forms, can be directed.

    HE Vice President of Global Sales at LG Electronics says "innovative hardware equipped with the best software solutions for the global commercial display showcase a variety of products to enhance market penetration,"

    * Digital Signage picture in a public place such as a letter or through a variety of information on the screen to show advertising purposes, as well as digital imaging devices, the experience can lead to a variety of customers, a communications tool.

    LGKorea : LG*„ž, šŠ라HDœ ƒ—…š ””Š”Œ*ˆ이 ‹œž 공ž •™” | Social LG*„ž
    ISE 2014:
    Integrated Systems Europe 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
    that is one of the interesting things I would like to be there to see
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    I was excited to read about being able to watch TV without wearing clothes - though there is always the danger of reaching for the wrong magic remote.

    However, the pictures suggest this is a virtual fitting service similar to some website tools that enable you to upload a picture of yourself and try on the clothes virtually.

    Hotel TVs is one area where a simple UI could sell well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    I was excited to read about being able to watch TV without wearing clothes - though there is always the danger of reaching for the wrong magic remote.

    However, the pictures suggest this is a virtual fitting service similar to some website tools that enable you to upload a picture of yourself and try on the clothes virtually.

    Hotel TVs is one area where a simple UI could sell well.
    Integrated Systems Europe 2014
    LG Commercial | Hotel TV, Security, Digital Signage, Cloud Device
    Virtual fitting service in a BIG display for clothe stores I have seen that service in desktops and laptops for tailored clothe making, with other softwares.
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    id love to havea home capable of fitting a tv that large, id also love it if ubuntu-chroot was available for it

    oooooooh yeah.
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    Now in good English from LG`s NewsRoom : Press Release.


    With Diverse Lineup of Commercial Signage and webOS-based Smart Hotel TVs,
    LG Cements Status as Leader in Business-to-Business Displays

    SEOUL, Feb. 3, 2014 — LG Electronics (LG) will show off an impressive lineup of business-to-business (B2B) display products at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from February 4–6. The largest tradeshow of its kind in the world, ISE 2014 brings together the latest in system integration solutions, including digital signage, audio systems and image processing equipment. On display at the show will be the company’s newest products, led by large-size ULTRA HD signs,a Video Wall boasting the world’s narrowest bezel-to-bezel width and Smart Hotel TV featuring the new webOS interface.

    “ISE is the perfect forum for LG to showcase its technologically advanced offerings,” said Ki-wan Kim, Executive Vice President of the LG Home Entertainment Overseas Sales & Marketing Group. “Our strong lineup at ISE incorporates several next generation display technologies. The commercial display market is growing at a very fast rate and we are committed to expanding our market share in Europe and the world.”

    Large Screen ULTRA HD Digital Signs
    Ideal for retail settings, LG’s enormous 105-inch ULTRA HD commercial display can render stunning, life-size images of people and products. LG’s newest model has four times the resolution of a Full HD display, guaranteeing crisp pictures with an incredible level of detail. The 21:9 aspect ratio screen is perfect for displaying all types of content, giving customers the freedom of abroad canvas on which to communicate their brand. LG’s 105-inch ULTRA HD display also offers the installation flexibility customers desire — it can be oriented vertically in portrait mode or horizontally in landscape.

    LG’s 98-inch ULTRA HD digital sign delivers the superiority of ULTRA HD (3840 x 2160) resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio format. Equipped with built-in decoders, both the 105-inch and the 98-inch displays can decode H.264 and HEVC H.265 signals at 30p or 60p, meaning the customer can present content of the highest visual quality to their audience.

    The company’s 84-inch ULTRA HD multi-touch model is a great interactive signage solution that boasts a highly-responsive 10-point touch screen. This model can be used in a number of ways: as a map in public spaces, an educational platform in schools and museums or as a sales tool in retail stores. LG’s 84-inch display is protected by a non-smear film which minimizes the visibility of fingerprints and smudges to keep the surface and on-screen images looking crystal-clear.

    Video Wall
    Guaranteed to attract the attention of every attendee, LG’s Video Wall boasts a bezel width of only 3.5mm. The gigantic display will keep large audiences mesmerized, whether it’s providing instant replays at a sports arena or showing live footage of a concert. LG’s proprietary SuperSign software includes auto calibrationand editing features that can be applied to various screen configurations. SuperSign ensures that content is displayed flawlessly across the expanse of the impressive multi-screen system.

    LG Board
    Geared towards the fashion and retail sector, the 55-inch Full HDLG Board functions as a mirror and a high quality touch-screen display. It also gives customers the choice of two differentiated applications: Virtual Fitting and Home Board. Virtual Fitting utilizes the unit’s touchscreen and proximity sensor to cleverly interact with consumers and the immediate environment. Store visitors can generate a 360-degree onscreen representation of themselves to virtually “try on” clothes and accessories without having to enter a changing room.

    Meanwhile, the Home Board application enables customers to show a variety of content on the LG Board, including photographs, news items and local weather updates. In ahotelguest room, the LG Board could serveas a mirror as well as a source forlocal information and hotel-related offers. LG’s next generation commercial display even supports internet telephony.

    Transparent Display
    LG’s 47-inch Full HD transparent display is a state-of-the-art product designed for the retail sector. At ISE 2014, LG will demonstrate how its improved see-through screen can add a new dimension to the in-store marketing of consumables. Showing interactive promotional content, such as lifestyle images, feature explanations and usage examples, the display integrates seamlessly with actual products and the surrounding environment.

    Smart Hotel TV
    LG Hotel TVdelivers a whole host of interactive options, which increase the value of a hotel’s services and brings greater convenience to guests. Offering easy management and a customizable interface, LG’s latest Hotel TV models employ webOS and the Pro: Centric Smart solution, ensuring the best possible user experience for hotel guests and management.

    The combination of webOS and LG’s intuitive Magic Remote allows the guest to easily browse and select the best in-room entertainment, find out what’s going on locally and take advantage of special promotions. A comprehensive management tool, Pro: Centric makes the setup process simple, provides useful control features and enables LG Hotel TVs to connect with servers for seamless access to VoD content, hotel information and channel guides.

    LG’s platform can be tailored to the needs of each customer through a new interface template and the commercial-edition of Smart Home. Additionally, the Remote Management System (RMS) enables a hotel’s IT staff to monitor, control and update individual TV unitsfrom a central location.

    What’s more, SmartShare lets guests connect their personal devices to LG Hotel TV via MHL, Miracast or WiDi connection to display additional content on the second screen. LG’s latest display solutions for the hotel industry aren’t only more convenient, they’re also moresecure. The History Auto Delete function gives guests peace of mind, automatically deleting viewing information when the TV is turned off.

    LG Newsroom
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    I didn't want to improve on the first post. I liked them telling me I didn't have to wear clothes to use the TV's too.
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    I'm in Amsterdam but unfortunately too short notice for me to go by and see it for myself. Already took some time off on Monday and Friday as well :'(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    I'm in Amsterdam but unfortunately too short notice for me to go by and see it for myself. Already took some time off on Monday and Friday as well :'(

    -- Sent from my TouchPad using Communities
    sad to know it But maybe if you take them with you will enjoy the show.

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