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    LG`s CES 2014 Recap:

    With LG, It’s All Possible – LG Booth Tour of CES 2014.

    While CES has come to a close for the year, we’re still buzzing from the wonderful time we had in Las Vegas!

    For those who are still reminiscing your time at CES 2014 or for those who are kicking themselves because they couldn’t make it to this year, we’ve prepared an insider’s coverage of LG’s newest, most innovative products of the year.

    LG displayed a series of eye-catching products and all the products were showered with much praise for their innovative and practical features to enhance the lives of their users! So in this post, we will take you on a virtual tour of the LG booth at CES 2014 and introduce you to some of our show stopper products and expand your views on the advancement of human technology.

    LG booth has always been a popular hot spot for visitors but this year, it was particularly overflowing and absolutely jam packed full of people. As a central attraction point of the Las Vegas Convention Center, visitors from all parts of the world came to the LG booth from the early mornings to experience LG’s latest and trendiest products.

    The LG Booth was bustling with excited visitors around the clock >

    Now that you have a taste of the onsite atmosphere, let us take you through the biggest attractions of CES 2014!

    LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV with webOS

    At the center of this year’s LG Booth, we presented one of the biggest developments for LG’s TV range: webOS. This new operating system offers an intuitive user interface for an experience that “makes TV simple again”.

    Remember the days when all there was to a TV was ‘on’, ‘off’, ‘volume up/down’ and ‘channel up/down’?

    While your TV couldn’t do anything extraordinary, there was merit to its simple and uncomplicated nature. So LG thought long and hard about how that simplicity could be applied to today’s wonderful but complex devices and came up with webOS. This operating system is both seamless and refreshingly uncomplicated which translates into everyday life as you can return to the days when your brain can take a break while maneuvering the modern tech in your TV.

    Because a “high tech simple TV” sounds like an oxymoron to most, throughout the day, the demo team showcased how easy it is to set up webOS from scratch and how the system provides a simple and hassle free experience. Combined with the use of LG’s Magic Remote, webOS makes content searching and viewing, connecting with other devices, and even the initial setup process incredibly smooth, even for first timers.

    This truly smart and convenient operating system will be implemented in the majority of LG TVs in 2014. So while you may have missed the chance to test it out at CES, we’re sure you’ll have a chance to experience it first in the near future.

    Adjacent to the webOS demonstration zone, the next must-see area of the LG Booth and one of the most crowded areas was no doubt the comprehensive OLED TV lineup display zone. Starting from the world’s largest 77 inch 4K ULTRA HD CURVED OLED (model 77EC9800) TV to the various 55- and 65-inch OLED TV models, the elegant GALLERY OLED TV (model 55EA8800) and the CURVED OLED TV (model 55EB9600) with its friendly environmental footprint were also on display.

    The 77 inch 4K ULTRA HD CURVED OLED TV in particular, was showered with attention and praise for driving the evolution of television into the next generation. The powerful combination between LG’s proprietary WRGB OLED technology and 4K Ultra HD screen resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) boosted the level of picture quality and viewer immersion into a whole new stratosphere. As a standout even among LG’s latest products, the 77-inch model received the highly coveted Best of Innovations at the 2014 CES Innovations Awards.

    Another giant among the TVs to be unveiled at this year’s CES was the world’s first 77’’ 4K Flexible OLED TV by LG. What separates LG’s Flexible OLED TV from every other TV set in the world is that the display curvature can be changed using the TV remote to suit the viewer’s preference. The range of curvature was determined by taking into account key factors that affect the viewing experience such as screen size and viewing distance. Sounds like something from a science fiction movie, doesn’t it?

    This product was definitely not to be missed because one simply has to see it to believe that they now coexist with something as surreal and futuristic as a curving TV!

    There was never time to gather one’s breathe after each product zone. Direct from the mind blowing experience of the OLED TV family, to the right, one could see the 4K ULTRA HD TV lineup. Raising the standards once more, the steady collection of premium UB9800 series 4K ULTRA HD TV lineup comprised of 65-, 79-, 84- and 98-inch units were on exhibit.

    The UB9800 series could stand shoulder to shoulder with the modern technologies of LG’s more recent TV lineups thanks to an upgraded picture and sound quality. Equipped with a unique proprietary chip, the Ultra HD resolution has been enhanced and the overall image quality optimized to highlight LG’s IPS technology.
    Sound quality was also improved on with the collaboration with harman/kardon®.

    Before leaving the ULTRA HD 4K TV display section, all visitors made sure to stop by the godfather of the ULTRA HD 4K clan – the massive 105-inch CURVED ULTRA HD TV (105UC9) with a 21:9 aspect ratio. As you would have seen on the news and in newspapers by now, the 105-inch CURVED ULTRA HD TV turned a LOT of heads as a simply outstanding piece of future technology with beautiful design and an unmatched cinematic viewing experience.

    After the 105-inch CURVED ULTRA HD TV, most visitors stopped by the PC display section and mobile section to check out products that are more affordable for future purchases.

    This route then finally brought visitors to not only the affordable and practical but also innovative lifestyle fitness section!

    As a trend setter and industry leader, we couldn’t leave out LG’s first products in its wearable technology ecosystem, the LG Lifeband Touch and LG Heart Rate Earphones. These two wearable products not only mark the company’s first wearable tech, but highlight LG’s core philosophy of improving consumers’ everyday lives.

    In addition to their core fitness tech, both products incorporate comfortable designs and compatibility with other devices so that monitoring one’s health requires no additional effort beyond strapping on a watch and inserting a pair of headphone ear buds.

    According to Jim Clayton, executive vice president of LG’s New Business Division in the Home Entertainment Company, “[LG] wanted to introduce wearable fitness products that met the expectations of today’s tech savvy consumers and brought something new to the table, which in our case meant exceptional design, comfort and functionality.” He added, “The uniqueness of our wearable devices is that they weren’t just designed for exercise but also for day-to-day use in the office or around the home.

    With Lifeband Touch, you can get call and text notifications sent from your smartphone while the Heart Rate Earphones are perfectly happy playing back music all day even when you’re not exercising. These are much more than just fitness devices.”

    Until Next Year…
    So there you have it – a quick glance at some of the most buzzed products. We hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we enjoyed capturing each display zone directly from the LG Booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall #8204.

    While the CES may be over, it’s only the beginning of what we promise to be an exciting year of innovative and never-seen-before products from LG. Keep in touch with us for more!
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    I shared the Youtube link of the LG WebOS Smart TV demo with my hubby. He's a BIG TV watcher, and he liked it. I'm not much of a TV watcher, but couple the TV with a LG WebOS phone and/or tablet and I'll become one.
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    Not sure if anyone posted this video.
    At time 5:20 is the "what is LG's plan for webos" via translator. webos will be core device connected all smart appliances in house. "...we plan to implement this os in other devices". So first official statement that LG smart tv will be core of the smart devices in house. Probably only LG at the beginning but somewhere I've read LG is participating in a open source standard for connecting different smart devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ewl88 View Post
    Not sure if anyone posted this video.
    At time 5:20 is the "what is LG's plan for webos" via translator. webos will be core device connected all smart appliances in house. "...we plan to implement this os in other devices". So first official statement that LG smart tv will be core of the smart devices in house. Probably only LG at the beginning but somewhere I've read LG is participating in a open source standard for connecting different smart devices.
    What developers explain of LG webOS on the video are after the first LG webOS TV commercial content, is hard to find. Thanks.
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    Another LG webOS Smart TV video recap CES 2014


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