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    A list of LG speakers at the upcoming Apps World to take place in SF ,Moscone Center West, Feb 5-6

    Gray Norton, Director Enyo Framework and Tools,
    who was interviewed by LG’s Gray Norton talks the future of Smart TVs - Developer Tech

    Wendell Wenjen, Director of Smart TV advertising and Interactive TV platforms

    Kevin Shaaf, Senior Product Manager Enyo Framework

    Ohad Ben-Yoseph, Director of Business Development. LG SVL

    Samuel Chang, VP Head of LG SVL,

    who said: "We really want to bring WebOS to other products", says Chang. "All devices that connect to the internet are a potential candidate." on a Nutech article the writer commented: Aside from TVs, LG plans to equip devices such as smartphones and tablets with the WebOS operating system too.

    Anyone of you will attend, speak or go to this event in SF?

    Also you can read about the different sessions where these guys are in and are about TV and multiscreen apps here
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    Enyo is inviting to the appsworld SF

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