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    On linkedin I posted on webOS enthusiasts the following:

    Hi Pamela A long time ago we were posting about webOs when it was Palm`s. How about now it is with LG? Anyone interested on LG webOS TVs?

    And recieved these answers:

    Clinton Roudenbush
    Sales Manager at LG Electronics:

    I am very excited to see LG move forward with webOS. It will be included in our digital signage monitors as well which will allow custom apps to be installed directly into the monitor for weather, news, video streaming playback. The options are limitless.

    Boris Stefanovic
    Sr. Technical Recruiter,

    I'm still a daily webOS user (on my phone) but the Android implementation on the HP Touchpad has supplanted the webOS as the go-to OS on that device. I still have great admiration for the intuitive cleverness of webOS and would be more inclined to go for an LG product knowing it's in there. I'm curious to see how much they'll modify it or strip from its otherwise brilliant UI... any models announced?

    What do you think?
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    uses dream! I would love to lg boost in mobile and tablet webos. wish me to stay with a touch pad.

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