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    Alright from what you have seen so far, What are some things you would want to see changed.

    My Patch would be to make the recent apps in the quick launcher to show more then just 1 recent apps to at least 3 recent apps. So you don't have to to press the recent apps button on the left to show more. It looks to me that you would have to press 3 buttons to switched back and forth from 3 apps. I don't see a need to have like 10 recently opened apps to the right of the LIVE TV app. It just make more sense to have the bigger recent apps to left more visible. More then likely you are going to be switching from your recent apps more then always launching new apps. I'm thinking Sports games when you have more then one game that you want to watch. (kinda like a picture in picture kinda feel, Just press the button and it would show the other 2 channels you were watching (on live tv) and you would be able to see if they are done commercials or if halftime was over.

    1. Press launcher button on remote.
    2. Click on icon of last channel viewed


    instead of what it is now.

    1. Press button on remote
    2. Press Recent Apps
    3. Click on recent channel/app
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