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    Quote Originally Posted by andyhurley View Post
    Whilst I have every confidence that LG will start shipping these TVs I see no reason that one companies announced and demoed product should be considered real whilst another's is a shadow. If anything ACL is less shadow as it has actually been released (momentarily) and is in the hands of some consumers - even if it is a bit doubtful when/if the current issues will be resolved.
    If you look at the track record of each company in terms of delivering what they promise, it is a comparison between apples and oranges.

    LG: regularly brings new products to market and has a growing, diversified portfolio featuring multiple lines of business.

    OpenMobileWorldWide: still has not released a product that has made its way to consumers. They have one product line with variants, none of which have been picked up by an OEM or made stable enough for general release. Please don't confuse the fiasco that has been ongoing with an actual product. The OMWW farce isn't new. They didn't just start up and conceive the idea last spring with PIC for ACL on TouchPad. It was an Alpha Demo they had shelved - lacking the know-how or drive to complete - about 18 months prior. They begged the community for money to complete the project, fudged an estimated release time, had to revise that twice, dummied up and stopped making estimates for when it would complete. They used their largest backer from the kickstarter and asked him to write an installer, which they subsequently broke whilst violating the GPL licensing he put on his code. Released a product in an inferior state and yanked it off the servers in about 12 hours. Still they remain silent about when it will be released - and they have the unmitigated gall to continue taking preorders. This is their crowning achievement since being established in 2010. The closest they have ever come to an actual product.

    Apples and oranges.

    LG: a ripe, juicy, tasty orange consumers want - freshly delivered to market.

    OMWW: a squidgy, rotten apple long past its expiration point and shot through with worms...
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    The new forum section is only here to distract us from the fact that we got replaced by "smartwatchfans." Check out the header.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misj' View Post
    Source: LG wil WebOS ook op tablets en telefoons zetten | | Het laatste nieuws het eerst op

    Herrie already translated the important part, but I had finished most of the translation when he posted, so I decided to post it anyway. My conclusion is the same as Herrie's (it's a stretch). But I do appreciate the last sentence.
    so the conclusion to be made is that Lg is very open minded about webOS on anything electronic, as we move into a more connected, consumer-grade 'internet of things'.

    obviously they are waiting to reap some reward from their first foray, which is the tv. they will focus on this and see if it's a hit, or a miss like Google TV. they certainly cannot put all eggs in one basket yet, let alone move eggs out of the android phone basket.

    but they are working and developing webOS daily now. of course, innovations will occur, and of course someone is going to one day say "now this would work awesome on a phone". and they'll make some protos and see how it goes.

    but their point of perspective is pretty well established: they want to dominate smart appliances. there's big money in that. just like it's become "standard" for a home buyer to want granite countertops these days (which i hate, but whatever), Lg anticipates the day when it's "standard" to have smart appliances, not just stainless steel faced ones.

    the cellphone is just one little device in a very large product catalog, at Lg. it will be years before we see anything from them, and i doubt it will be anything like the phones we use today. So i'm not holding my breath at all. but i am glad to see webOS is not dead. it deserved better, and now it's getting it.

    but as far as the webOS phone UX that WE LOVE, that WE have been here on this site carrying a torch for....

    well, i think we're still on our own, as much as we always have been. so if we want webOS phones that work like what we're accustomed to, i think only homebrew efforts will accomplish this. and the problem there, is that most players involved are trying to work in an arena respecting legality. my cynical hunch is that we'll never have what we want without going to a backroom, hacking-to-make-it-happen, mindset. which i'd pay for. but, those ppl who can do this, well individually they probably already have what they want, or they don't care anymore. so we've driven to the end of the dead-end road, and we're idling here until we run out of gas.

    again i hope i'm wrong. but i see no lights at the end of any tunnels for fans of the original Palm Pre.
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