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    This gorgeous app runs minimized on your device, always ready to remember your latest notes, ideas, thoughts and errands.

    Jot It features full customization of up to five categories including: name, font color and category color with support for hex codes!

    Optional AutoEmail feature sends a copy of a new note to an email upon completion.

    Jot It automatically saves, so you never lose anything.

    Simply type to search through all your notes.

    More Info Here

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    Will this be a Jot app? I hope so.
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    hi there,

    i bought "jot it" today and really start to like it so far.
    but i might have found an issue with emailing notes... when selecting "category" or "category & date" as email subject, nothing seems to be sent. tried it with emailing directly into evernote as well as to my regular email address...
    i use special characters like # and @ as category names (why - you may ask: Emailing Into Evernote Just Got Better Evernote Blogcast ). i figured that might be the problem. so i also tried it without them: neither worked.

    do you know how to help? i'd really love to set it up to work with evernote!
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    Could you try temporarily removing the # symbol, and letting me know if the emails are delivered successfully?
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    i tried it without the #s and it worked.
    i said earlier that i already tried it without the #s and no mail was delivered... that might be wrong: i only edited several notes and just assigned different categories. it now appeared to me that the email is sent with the old category as a subject. so there might have been the #s still in the subject...
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    Ahh, good to know. I'll have hash symbols working in my next update for you. Sorry about the inconvenience.

    Not sure if this would help yet, but you could try exchanging out the "#" with "%23" as a temporary fix.
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    thanks for the hint! replacing the hash tags works with evernote, too - it recognizes tags properly

    nevertheless i'm really looking forward to your next update!

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